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We've been getting a whole lot emails about new Spidey products coming out. Here's a few:

Firstly, a live action Spidey show is about to hit the road...

USA Today announced today a 40 city U.S. tour of Spider-Man Live! I also discovered a website that looks under construction at There is a copy of the press release there if you want to post it.

You can now order your own Spidey suite... is starting to take pre-orders for spiderman costumes/accessories. We have been getting a lot of calls with people asking for the custome. The manufacture is still making this costume, so we decide to take pre-orders for people that want to be assured that they can get this costume before it is sold out. We would appreciate it, if you could pass this information on to your members.

[Ed - The web page they provided is no longer available.]

Some DVD news...

A Spider-man DVD has been realesed. The name of it is called the ulitmate villan showdown. It features the Green goblin, Kingpen and Dr. octopus.

Episodes included: Make a wish, Attack of the octobot, Enter the Green Goblin and Rocket Racer. Special features include a rouges gallery, Stan lees soap box and The 1960s cartoon the origin of spider-man.

More DVD news...

Creative Light Entertainment created a product called "Stan Lee: Mutants, Monsters and Marvels," in which filmmaker Kevin Smith interviews the comic book legend. The one-on-one documentary will be released on May 14th.

Dana Archer
Marketing/Publicity Manager

Music news...


"Spider Man, where are you coming from? Spider Man, nobody knows who you are... Spider Man, you've got that Spidey touch... Spider Man, you are a web-slinging star!"

Hi Spider Friends!

I work for 150 Music, a record label in New York.

One of our partners, Gary William Friedman was the Music Director and Composer for TV's "The Electric Company" from 1974-76.

Along with 40 or so other songs, Gary wrote the Spider-Man Theme Song. He was also the vocalist for Spidey under the pseudonym 'Will Power'.

Most of you serious Spider-Man fans have seen Spidey's hilarious scenes on "The Electric Company" back in the 70's. You also know how cool his theme song was! We're now releasing a Never-Before-Heard, rockin' arrangement of this song as a CD single!

Please visit our site: to learn more...

Michele Oliver

And finally, Spider-man money!

We have the only Spiderman Money out there !

Our Spiderman collectible Banknotables and Banknote Art are designed to include security features which should guarantee authenticity !

Watch for our release at

Bob Bednar

 In: News > 2002
 Posted: 2002
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)