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Joe Quesada must be one of the busiest guys in comic books, overlooking the recent 'rebirth' in the Marvel World. Mike Fichera dropped him an email, which JQ kindly took the time to respond to. JQ's responses are in italics.


Agree or disagree with you, what makes you such an awesome Ed in Chief is your willingness to hop in the trenches with the readers, leaping into the mosh-pit of fanboys on the net and stirring up a heated debate! Go Joe!

It is fun aint it!

I agree - a great story is a great story, no matter how old Spidey is or if he's married or not. My peeve is seeing significant plot events sacrificed, ignored, or skimmed over for the sake of fast forwarding to the new point in the plotline a writer wants to be. Example: zipping straight through Peter and MJ's time as an engaged couple to get to the wedding. They barely dated before they were wed!

This kind of shoddy storytelling will be a thing of ths past!

Example: 2001 Annual exiting MJ stage left with unbelievable emotions from Peter and MJ. There was a huge NY city-sized pothole in the plot - 1 issue could have done it with Peter in juicy heart-wrenching agony struggling to let go of MJ even as he knew it would be for her best. I'm left not clear...did he divorce? Are they separated? Did I miss an issue??? Oof!

All will be resolved in time.

That's a horrible feeling - one I had many times with the X-Men. "Jean Grey lost her telekinesis? Did I miss somethign? She got them back? Did I miss another issue? Kitty's back with the team to say goodbye to Colossus? When did that happen? Wasn't she kidnapped by the Neo? Colossus can kiss Rogue now?"

JMS and Paul are with us for the long haul so you should see some consistancy!

So - I guess what I want to say is... in these exciting times while the Marvel universe is getting rocked and shaken, paving great superhighways for younger readers...don't forget us old timers!

I'm not... that's why I'm concentrating on great stories without foil enhancements.

A little explanation goes a long way. When Fabian wrote an explanation as to why Mystique and Toad look more like the movie counterparts in X-Men Forever, I was so psyched! New readers who just saw the movie wouldn't know the difference, but to those of us who've been reading X-Men since Dark Phoenix, this extra plotline was a kind tip of the hat to us.

'nuff said. You've got better things to do than read fanboy e-mail!

Reading the mail is part of my job. Look I could have sugar-coated that whole MJ thing but why string everyone along.

Thanks for the note,

 In: News > 2001
 Posted: 2001
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)