Quiz on Venom

Q. 1 'It's What's Inside That Matters'

Who is Venoms secret identity?

 Eddie Brock, reporter.
 Ben Urich, reporter.
 Peter Parker, Spider-Man.
 Cletus Kasady, psycho.

Q. 2 'Nice Threads!'

What is the nature of Venoms costume?

 It is a liquid that can be shaped into any form, make webbing, and stick to walls.
 It is a living, alien creature that gives powers to those who wear it.
 It is a chameleonic substance, making Venom invisible.
 All of the above.

Q. 3 'Who's Your Tailor?'

Where did the costume originally come from?

 It was a lab creation.
 It came from outer space.
 It was created by Peter Parker as a prototype.
 The Black cat made it because it looked cool.

Q. 4 'Character Issues'

Which comic first showed the black and white Venom outfit?

 Secret wars #8
 Spider-man 2099 #36
 What If? #4
 Amazing Spider-Man #300

Q. 5 'A Power of Influence'

Which of Spidey's powers does Venom block?


Q. 6 'A Change of Heart'

Venom always believed that he was a crimefighter. He eventually began to be one for a certain city, calling himself a 'lethal protector'. This city was:

 New York
 San Francisco

Q. 7 'Old friends'

In The recent Venom mini-series, Venoms Symbiote is let loose in Alaska. A certain hero who knows venom drops by and stops it. Is it:

 Scarlet Spider
 Nikki Doyle, Wild Thing

Q. 8 'The Sinister Slaughter'

Venom 'just happened' to be around when five of the Sinister Six went after Senator Ward and Doc Ock, and offered to join them (possibly for dinner). Because of embarrassment, the fact that Venom is a bit like a hero, and because Sandman wanted to let Spidey go, Venom decided to kill the Sinister six. Who of the people mentioned above stopped him from doing so?

 Kraven the hunter
 Senator Ward

Q. 9 'Happy Families'

Who is NOT Venom's 'child'?

 Venom 2099
 Female Symbiote
 Riot, Scream, Lasher, Phage, and Hybrid

Q. 10 'Unhappy Families'

Who killed Venoms former (human) wife?

 Venom himself
 She killed herself