Quiz on Betty Brant Leeds

Q. 1 'My Boyfriend's Back'

What was the name of Betty Brant's ex-boyfriend who came back to haunt her?


Q. 2 'The Honeymooners'

Where did Betty and Ned have their honeymoon?


Q. 3 'Roomates'

Who did Betty room with after she and Ned broke up THE FIRST TIME?

 Her mother
 Her former rival Liz Allan
 Aunt May
 Peter Parker

Q. 4 'Reporter'

Whose organization did Betty spend a lot of time spying on during her early days as a reporter?

 The Foriegner
 The Kingpin
 Norman Osborn
 Roderick Kingsley

Q. 5 'Caught Cheating'

How did Ned find out about Betty's affair with Flash?

 Peter inadvertentley told him
 Sha Shan told him
 Caught them kissing in front of the Daily Bugle building
 Found items of Flash's in their home