Top Ten Ways To End The Clone Saga

Mark Jenkins just did the review for 101 ways to end the clone saga - but felt compelled to point out that they forgot a few obvious answers. Here's the ones they missed...

  1. Throw Ben into Onslaught with the rest of the heroes and leave him in Franklinverse forever.
  2. Ben joins the X-men who cure his degeneration, and keep him away from New York.
  3. During Redemption, Ben watches as Kaine kills that girl. He snaps, kills Kaine, and begins calling himself the Spider. Peter spends the rest of comicdom trying to stop his rampage.
  4. Instead of Peter going to Oregon, Ben goes, doesn't have the nerve to test his serum on Tendril, but still manages to lose his own powers. Returns to New York, becomes a reporter, and makes occasional guest shots.
  5. Access becomes so frustrated by the clone saga that he dumps Ben over in the DC universe.
  6. Ben is revealed to be another robot, like Peter's parents. Seward's tests are not a problem because he is a robot too, all of which was planned by the late Harry Osborn.
  7. During Onslaught, Ben discovers that he has latent psionic powers, uses them to erase the mind of Onslaught, and starts the whole process over again.
  8. While doing scientific experiments in an attempt to gain a better understanding of his powers, Ben is bitten by another radiated spider, and actually becomes one. He is then stepped on by a lab assistant.
  9. Spider-man is revealed to be a child of Scott Summers. No one bothers to ask any more questions.

    And finally...

  10. Events progress as they did in Spider-man 75, except that Ben does not degenerate. He is left in the alley to die, and returns twenty years later to attack Peter with some stupid story about an accelerated healing factor.