Spider-Man TV (1967) (Introduction)

Spider-Man first appeared on TV in 1967. The first season was produced by Grantray-Lawrence Animation, and premiered on September 9, 1967 on ABC. The second and third seasons were produced by Krantz Films. They also aired on ABC, but the third season was also syndicated.

The second and the third seasons were done by a different animation team from the first seaons. The team was lead by the great Ralph Bakshi - who was responsible for some of the biggest cartoon screen movies in the seventies and the eighties. These later episodes begin with a harbor telling the episodes name, whereas the first seasons start right into the action, and flash the episode name a couple of minutes later. For that reason, the latter two seasons are known as the 'Harbor Episodes'.

Primary cast members included:

      Peter Parker/Spider Man   - Paul Soles
      Betty Brant               - Peg Dixon
      J. Jonah Jameson          - Paul Kligman
      Announcer/Narrator        - Bernard "Bunny" Cowan
      Various Bit Parts         - Paul Soles, Bernard Cowan, Peg Dixon, Paul Kligman
      Dialogue Director         - Bernard Cowan
      Audio Engineer            - Murray Shields
      Executive Producer        - Ray Patterson (Season 1)
      Executive Producer        - Grant Simmons (Season 1)
      Executive Producer        - Robert Lawrence (Season 1)
      Executive Producer        - Ralph Bakshi (Seasons 2 & 3)

Theme Song Credits:

Words - Paul Francis Webster Music - Bob Harris, Stu Phillips, and D. Kapross Publisher - Buddah Music, Inc.

The theme tune is provided for your retro-listening pleasure:

For reference, here are the lyrics:

  Spider-man, Spider-man
  Does whatever a spider can
  Spins a web, any size
  Catches thieves, just like flies
  Look out! Here comes the Spider-man!

  Is he strong? Listen, Bud!
  He's got radioactive blood.
  Can he swing from a thread?
  Take a look overhead.
  Hey there, there goes the Spider-man!

  In the chill of night,
  At the scene of the crime
  Like a streak of light
  He arrives just in time

  Spider-man, Spider-man
  Friendly neighborhood Spider-man
  Wealth and fame, he's ignored
  Action is his reward

  To him, life is a great big bang-up
  Wherever there's a hang-up
  You'll find the Spider-man!

The sound tracks were recorded at Eastern Sound on Yorkville Ave. in Toronto Ontario. Bernard Cowan contracted from Krantz Films to hire all of the talent on a straight buy-out and produce and direct all of the shows.

The voices were recorded on a mono Ampex recorder, the voice tracks were then edited for time and transfered onto track 1 of an Ampex 4 track recorder. The music was dubbed on track 2, Sfx on track 3 and a mono mix on track 4.

The Voice, Music and Effects tracks were also transferred to a 3 track 35mm MagnaTech recorder. A backup was made and the originals shipped off to the US.

The original theme song was recorded in NYC and spliced into each episode after the audio tracks were finished and shipped. The use of the 3 track tape meant that Krantz could dub in foreign languages using the original Music & SFX (M & E) tracks.

The background music was all from standard music libraries of that period. There was no original background music other than when the theme was used. The Ray Ellis cues/scores were used for season #1, and KPM music library from England was used for seasons #2 and #3. Other sources were also used.

The KPM music library is now available to listen online. The gentle folk at SandBoxWorld assembled this list of some of the best KPM music from the spider-man series.

01. KPM1001 Latin Gear – Johnny Hawksworth
02. KPM1001 Beat Street – Johnny Hawksworth

03. KPM1002 The Hell Raisers – Syd Dale
04. KPM1002 Walk In A Nightmare – Syd Dale
05. KPM1002 Slipstream B) Syd Dale
06. KPM1002 Walk and Talk) Syd Dale
07. KPM1002 Quite Contrary) Syd Dale

08. KPM1015 Big Bass Guitar – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
09. KPM1015 Mr. Chestertons Dog – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
10. KPM1015 Mods and Rockers – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
11. KPM1015 L.S.D. – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter

12. KPM1015 Discothik – Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
13. KPM1015 Raver – Alan Hawkshaw
14. KPM1017 Stand By – David Lindup
15. KPM1017 Men Of Action – David Lindup

16. KPM1017 Action Stations – David Lindup
17. KPM1017 Zero Hour – David Lindup
18. KPM1017 Maelstrom – Syd Dale
19. KPM1017 Grand Prix – Johnny Pearson

20. KPM1017 Juggernaut – David Lindup
21. KPM1017 Swing In – Syd Dale
22. KPM1017 The Washington Affair – Syd Dale
23. KPM1017 News Views – Syd Dale

24. KPM1017 Stop, Look and Listen – David Lindup
25. KPM1018 Veiled Threat – David Lindup
26. KPM1018 Forewarning C – Syd Dale
27. KPM1018 Looks Like Trouble – Sys Dale

28. KPM1018 Sixth Sense – David Lindup
29. KPM1018 Trap Door – David Lindup
30. KPM1043 Funky Flight – Keith Mansfield
31. KPM1001 The Eylelash – Johnny Hawksworth

The SFX also came from one of the standard libraries of that period except when the audio team had to create a new sound for a specific scene.

Cast and Recording information courtesy of Jonathan Soles and Murray Shields.

DVD & Video

This series was re-released on DVD in 2004. It is not currently available from the supplier, but new and second hand copies are still available through Amazon.

Even better, you can now also stream all 52 episodes online from Marvel.Com - Spider-Man (1967).