Include Non-Spider-Man Results

This section contains Comics, and currently also Books (although we have plans to split those off separately). The Comics titles are further divided into Sections are shown below.

Mainstream Universe

Core Titles

Ongoing mainstream titles in which Spider-Man is a headline character.

Limited Series & One Shots

Limited Series and one-shot stories that feature Spider-Man as a a headline character in the mainstream Marvel continuity.

Mainstream Guest Apps

Spider-Man guest appearances in mainstream Marvel continuity.


Spin-Off titles for characters that clearly leveraged Spider-Man in mainstream Marvel continuity - including Venom and Carnage.

Alternate Universe


Spider-Man in the 2099 universe. Miguel O'Hara and friends. This also includes the adventures of Miguel O'Hara in the mainstream universe.


Spider-Man in Manga style.

Marvel Adventures Universe

Spider-Man in the Marvel Adventures Universe.

MC2 Universe

Spider-Girl and others from the MC2 universe.

Ultimate Universe

Ultimate Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and others from the Ultimate Marvel Universe.


Spider-Man in the Earth-X Universe (Paradise-X, Universe-X).

Other Universes

Spider-Man in non-mainstream universes that have no dedicated section.


Non-Marvel Guest Apps

Spider-Man guest appearances in non-Marvel titles.


Role-Playing Games, including rules, adventure modules and character guides.

Coloring & Activity Books

Spider-Man in Coloring & Activity books.

Books (Not Coloring & Activity)

Spider-Man books, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels from any universe whatsoever (except for Coloring & Activity Books).

Industry Material

Books, magazines, comics that discuss the comics industry.


Spider-Man promotional comics, commercial & social.

Guides, Reprints & Recaps

Guides, References, Encyclopedia

Guides, Reference Books, Handbooks, Indexes, Encyclopedia, Recaps, and other similar ordered and indexed summaries and facts about Spider-Man.


Spider-Man material reprinted essentially unchanged from the original.