Within our "Fifty Years of Spider-Man" Titles Database you can find the following collectables:

A Title contains one or more "Issues". In the case of Comics, this terminology is obvious. Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 2) is a Title, and Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #1 is a single Issue within that Title. Of course, when we try and apply the same structure to Fast Food Toys or TV Shows, then we have to be a little more creative.

Some Issues are Multi-Part (like a comic or book which contains multiple stories inside one physical thing). Some Issues have Variants (like a comic or book which has multiple different covers or wrappers for essentially the same identical item). Again, these concepts can also be applied to other Realms such as Trading Cards or Software.

For each of those Realms, the SpiderFan database will try and describe all of the relevant Titles or individual Issues which feature Spider-Man (or spin-off characters) based on the following simple rule:

All Spider-Man Appearances and Tie-Ins from the Fifty Years of Spider-Man (1962–2015).

Of course, things aren't always entirely clear-cut. So here are a few more guidelines which help clarify where we draw the line:

  • We include: Classic Universe-616 Peter Parker original Spider-Man.
  • We include: Alternate universe Spidey 2099, Spider-Man 1602, What If, Earth X, Exiles, etc.
  • We include: Comics up to and including cover date October 2015, plus Secret Wars (2015).
  • We include: Reprints of core Spider-Man titles, if they published in the U.S.A. or U.K.
  • We include: Spider-Man Guest Appearances, Flashbacks, and Cameo Appearances.
  • We include: Spider-Man Magazine Articles and Previews.
  • We include: Spider-Man Profiles in Marvel Handbooks and Guides.
  • We include: Spider-Man Fakes, Robots, Clones, Costumes (if "presented as" Spider-Man).
  • We include: Spider-Man References (e.g. Spider-Man appears on a T-Shirt, poster, billboard).
  • We include: Spin-Offs starring Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Venom, Carnage, Arana, Mary-Jane.
  • We include: All Issues of a Spider-Man Title even if Spidey is temporarily absent.
  • We include: Variant Covers for all core Spider-Man titles.
  • We include: Variant Covers for all Spin-Off titles up until June 2010.


  • We exclude: Anything following the All-New, All-Different Marvel reboot of 2015.
  • We exclude: Variant Covers for all Spin-Off titles from July 2010 onwards.
  • We exclude: Compilations/Reprints of guest or spin-off appearances.
  • We exclude: Notepads, drawing books or stationary that are essentially blank.
  • We exclude: Books in "Library Binding" format if a regular Hardback also exists.
  • We exclude: Loose-leaf colouring sheets (even if contained in a pouch or folder).
  • We exclude: Sticker pads with no additional material.
  • We exclude: Advertisements and Catalogs like Marvel Previews, CSN, etc.
  • We exclude: Signed cover variants.
  • We exclude: Remarked variants.
  • We exclude: Printing error and recalled variants.
  • We exclude: Newsstand variants.
  • We exclude: Online comics.