1995 Ralston Foods Spider-Man Promo

This five-card promo set was distributed with Ralson Foods cereals in 1995.

The front of each card features artwork from one of the cards in the "ClearChrome" chase set in the 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man set. There were 10 clear-chrome cards in the original chase set, but only five of them have been selected for this promotional series. These promo cards are simple printed cardboard, they do not have the translucent/reflective plastic of the originals.

The backs of the cards are taken from cards in the regular numbered 1-150 main Fleer Ultra set. The words are tweaked in a couple of places, but the content and design is nearly identical to the originals.

Note that artist Gary Ciccarelli wasn't actually credited on the original ClearChrome cards, but he is credited on this reprinting.