1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man (Introduction)

Flushed with the success of the 1994 Fleer Bagley Spider-Man, Fleer was quick to follow-up with this equally ambitious 1995 "Ultra". The set represented a new level of maturity and sophistication.

For the first time, the artwork featured a wide range of artists, all individually credited. The art was all-new, commissioned specially for this series. It was realistic, high-definition, and often painted — a striking contract to the bright cartoonish colors of everything that had gone before.

The level of gimmickry was at least as extensive as the previous year's offer, featuring:

  • Four different "Chase Sets" (9 Golden Web, 9 Masterpieces, 6 HoloBlast, 10 ClearChrome).
  • Embossed silver/gold printing on the front of each card.
  • A super-rare "Gold Signature" variant of each of the 150 "regular" cards.
  • Four variant packs.
  • Two variant box printings.
  • Full-Page "UltraPrints".
  • Uncut 4-card sheets.
  • A special binder (order by mail).
  • Uncut promo sheet.

Here is an example of a "Gold Signature" variant. The artist's signature is superimposed in gold foil, and a gold box with text denotes this as the variant.

Note that according with SpiderFan site policy for variants, we don't consider "Signature" variants to be separate collectibles and so we are not explicitly tracking them or attempting to include them in our titles database.

There are 10 cards per pack, and 36 packs per box.