2009 Panini Spider Sense Spider-Man

These stickers from Panini Group feature art from various sources, including several recent comic covers.

The stickers are 2.4" x 3.4" (slightly smaller than standard trading card size). There are five stickers per pack, although that information is not displayed on the pack nor on the box.

There are two different pack styles, one with red-and-blue Spidey, the other with black suit Spider-Man.

The set has 168 stickers in total. There is a run of stickers 1-93, then a run from X1-X75. Engraved foil stickers are scattered throughout the set, and there are a dozen or so glow-in-the-dark stickers with a white background. Most stickers are the size of the full sheet, but the logo stickers and the glow-in-the-dark white stickers are die-cut smaller.

Nearly all of the X1-X75 stickers feature black-suited Spidey or symbiote characters such as Venom or Carnage. The inverse applies, in that nearly all of the 1-93 stickers feature red-and-blue Spidey and non-symbiote characters. The backs of the stickers are identical to each other except for the different number and being either portrait or landscape layout to match the image on the front of the sticker.

A distribution box contained 50 packs (i.e. 250 stickers per box). The random distribution within the packs was moderate. I bought a box of 50 packs and nearly (but not quite) received a complete set of 168 stickers.

This sticker album was sold separately.