2004 Upper Deck Spider-Man 2 Movie

Topps (aka The Topps Company, Inc.) got the license for the 2002 Spider-Man movie, but the rights for the "Spider-Man 2" movie sequel in 2004 went to Upper Deck Entertainment, and they produced this small set with 70 basic cards featuring scenes from the movie. The packs were small at 5 cards, with 24 packs per box.

There "Chase Sets" were correspondingly limited, consisting of:

  • Three "Lenticular" cards L1-L#.
  • A pair of die-cut "Reel Action" cards (one Spider-Man, one Doctor Octopus).

All of the 70 base cards were landscape movie stills, with a single common design throughout. The base set formed a blow-by-blow annotated walk-through of the movie plot. The "Train Fight" wasn't covered for some reason. Maybe they wanted to leave some surprises for movie-goers who brought the cards before attending the film.

The Lenticular cards were generously distributed, you'll almost certain have a complete set of them by the time you've acquired your base set. The "Reel Action" cards were distributed only one per box, I believe.