1989 Comic Images Spider-Man McFarlane I

This was the first ever Spider-Man trading card set. It was released in 1989, a year before the first "all-Marvel" (Series 1) trading card set was published in 1990.

Artwork is not formally credited but appears to be McFarlane's work. The back of the cards when assembled created two B&W posters (definitely Todd McFarlane illustrations).

There are 45 cards in the set (including one index card), plus a "header" card that was included in every pack. No chase cards, no known promo cards. Images were framed and titled on the front and all images were vertical (portrait orientation).

Low-res scans are courtesy of fellow SpiderFan Celeste. I have purchased this set but it's still sitting at my buddy's house in the U.S.A. When I do get my hands on those cards, I'll upload some higher resolution images.