To the Editor (23-Aug-2016)

From Jason

I would be very much interested in helping with the character profiles for the encyclopedia; I'm particularly fond of more obscure characters, so that would suit me well. I could do a sample character profile or review by next Wednesday if you would like me to send one?

Yes, I think we could handle a new reviewer. More importantly, would you be interested in specifically helping create some new character profiles for the encyclopedia. It's been a LOOONG time since we had a new one! There's always lots of fresh reviews. But the encyclopedia is a poor relation!

Would you care to help me change that?

One thing I had considered doing was starting from the very beginning of ASM and creating entries for all the characters who appeared, no matter how tiny!

From Jason

Hello Jonathan, several months ago you said I could potentially work on character profiles for the encyclopedia. Sorry it's taken me so long, but I've been in hospital for the past six months.

Is it still possible to contribute?

How are you these days? Wow, six months in hospital. That's nasty. Don't tell me the details, I'm terribly squeamish!

As before, feel free to send through some sample content. I PROMISE not to take six months to reply this time!

From Pauline

Hello Jonathan, this is Jason's mum , Pauline, I'm so sad to tell you that Jason passed away at the end of January.

He was a wonderful, creative and hard-working young man who got so much pleasure from writing (had a place at university to study English literature and has left behind him shelves of notebooks full of stuff he was working on.

Comic-book stuff was his main love in life; and it brought him a lot of pleasure over the years- especially when he was in hospital.

I am sorry that you didn't manage to work together- he would have been delighted and amused at your message.

I'm so sorry. I have four children of my own, and... well, you know. You must have heard everything a hundred times by now.

I have added Jason's name to our list of Spiderfan Staff as an honorary member of the team. It's a tiny, tiny gesture in the face of such an awful loss. But maybe it would have brought a smile to Jason's face.

What terrible things the world sometimes hands us to deal with.

From Dennis

I have the 1964 6'x 3' Ditko Spiderman poster.

For over 20 years I've been getting it signed by Spider-man artists, writers, and editors.

It's become a wonderful hobby, has grown and now requires I do research on the artists.

Your website has become my go to for any information I need. Great Job!!!!!

Glad we're useful for something! This is super-impressive, thanks for sharing.

From Jaap

Mi nombre es Jaap y trabajo para el País de Los Juegos, la división en español de una red internacional de juegos online de GameSys BV.

Creemos que el es muy interesante y nos gustaría promocionar nuestro sitio en él. Deseamos incluir un enlace para nuestros juegos entre los ocio - haciendo un acuerdo inicial de 1 año y renovando en los años siguientes.

Es una posibilidad para ti? Cual sería el precio?

Si te parece interesante, avísame y te envío más detalles.

Y gracias también para su email. Lo siento, pero no hacemos eso tipo de cosa. Eso es claramente indicado en nuestra web-site. Pero, le agradezco por la opportunidad de practicar mi español.

From Ben

I am emailing on behalf of Orlando Ticket Deals, a company which specialises in offering tickets to theme parks and attractions in Orlando. We at Accord write content for their website.

We're currently creating a series of guides that Orlando Ticket Deals customers can use to enhance their Orlando holidays. We are interested in featuring you for free in the latest of these guides, the premise of which being a piece entitled "10 Ways to be a Real Life Super Hero".

In order to make this piece as authoritative as possible, could you tell me in a few words why your website is the number one place for Spider Man fans to visit? Also, what's your biggest tip for those keen on becoming a real life super hero?

I think we're number one because of the kind and respectful way we treat everybody who writes to us. We answer all our emails seriously, no matter how pointless, confusing, or self-serving the questions might be.

As for becoming a real-life super hero? Well, the absolute first box to tick is "Are You An Orphan?" It's pretty much mandatory. If you currently do have parents, well, that's the first thing you need to tackle. Spider-Man, Superman, Batman. Do they have parents? I DON'T THINK SO, TIM!

From melissa

As i had spiderman roleplay husband once and he was the greatest that i loved him so mucha s he was lawyas there for me and supoort me and i never broke up w ith him and osmehting happened and i didnt do nothing wornge through my name is melissa [REDACTED] age 30 years old form [REDACTED] australia and i want to be eddie brock as vemon a male vemon from spiderman and i want to hurt spidermnan for fun as him up my own vmeon as spinn with him with my own legs and ogining aournd with htem into on the aoeund and turning him up and goes sideways and then i go to in turiong ot the left and then i go in moivng him back in straight up backwards and forwards to and push to the side and ont gorund as he all cocvered in web but he is tryin to break free form it and can able to as i satred to pcuh him he stays to psuih me right htrew the vmeon my black web as as he makes big movement into the web like as he is puching lumps of black stuff in trying to fight me back threw it as he was reaching for me as u can see the black lumps of punching it all over the palce aorund into the same in fornt of me as he made them more bigger an dbigger as they grew more bigger as he went to side of own face as he went backa tme in forwiuard in towards me as as of it went forwad as it straghed back onto him as he pcuhed it right back at me the chest area and the strangs of balck vemon. Went more bigger and more bigger as he went to the side of and some just sanped away back on of him as he drop from it and thye woudlnbt let him go as tyred they to get him back together again but he sanaped a threw of the strangs and some tyred to re gornw abck onto him and more onto him and more got more and more tighter but one on him were getiting more tigher onot him as it went back more and more and the other amr was hell to get back more the right as the other was moving the same but he fighted the balck vemon showed as he went back fihghed back and right into pusuhing it forward as it went back at him and he poushed back as it went left and went back at him in opsuhing back tot he other isde of him as it went other isde and then he goes ot the left as he moevd down it goes to the left he moevd hsona rm down and then tyrs to go as it trs to get him abck psuh as he still puches onto both and figth at it as he puches abck formn right to left at it and thern tyrs to get back as it goes all oevr hima nf then tyrs to punch him back and onto hand and then h eutrs to he psuches ti back and then it turs to get him back to the left and right as he moved aorund as he punches back as peter goes abck at it and he punches to the side of it and then he turns to break as he snaps it into pieces and he trys so many strands as he hits back and grbas it off him as he punches back as he moeved back and then tyrs to psuhe shown hands wayf orm it. And gets abck at me and hten tys to egt it back as he moved evrywhere and getting out it as he ytrs to get out of it and hten tyrs to moved oaurnd the area inm balc goo and as u cans ee as a shadowy lups into monv upa agisn thte balc stuff and makes hiole sinto and spans and turs to figth him back and then he utrs to push backa thim as they strangs tyrs to ge thiom back in poshhing him back up and down in puuitng him into tiing him up agian but he moved and trs to opush them back as htye tured to him gain as thyue btoh turyed to get him back pcuhign hin bakc and hey tyrs to ge thim back side getitgn him and he pushed back in puting him into another way to the side but him but abck as he pushes him bakc at it and then fughts as lumps of ggag tyred to are attcekd to him large strnagds of him ouhing me as he fdidi thsi onbto to me as my own face went squised as my own hand was all covered in slim with his own hands as he went attckign my on face and up abck threw the strands of vmeon not his own hand as strands in started to come back off from his own hand as he moeved it back as he goes side ways and some mroe of it came onot his own hands as he pocuhed me back to the isde of it mroe sif it went back at him. And then it utred to back he then moebd abck and ytred to pushed back he and punched back at it ashe grabed him bakc in towards my own face it went back a thim pched hiom to lfet and he went to right of it also he wnet osd die as he as moeb mro eoff onto my gface in kleanring forward as he went he to side of sid eon hands hitted him back and went he back at it and then he went back wards as hsown hands wrr allc oved into ming woht owht stnags aaiver hands it went pcuhing him back itno ahdn ssand hten grabs my own vemon and tyred to tie me up as he ges tlsoose a shsiown orher hands wa sltuied get hgets loose as he out of as he moevd use dhown hands in jsut to get htrew the vmeon pched him back in tryhitn ot put him back buit he nade ahole and as he as hson hands was in covered as he get sot the side and ocuhes th eiother vmein back in mocng it away as he mon isin hsoen figures as he allc obrre din strands of the vemins tuff all over his own hand and it around all aorand me as i tryed to fight him as he gets his own web and combian it with own vemon and takes me up with it as i am tyrgn to figthting peter and as helaid down i sued my legs n to psuh him back. As some thin strands hited the ogurnd off form me as i went back wards and forwards as it stays attacked from gorund to bootm to it as the vmeonm on form me as i was mving aornd in rying ot get free as i was covered in web vemon as i moing aornd into it as iwent back large lumps arm in to aorudn the into a web as it went back to kcik him but he went back at me to side as i mrolled over as some of the black vemon toched gornd as lkumps of stran went ontog orind while iw as alla oming aornd into it as iwent up it went in going while i was till moving ino ti in making large lumps of it wioth own arms inmovjg aournd the palce of it and he didi the ospsote and stoleed my own veom while in ryerign to ge thom i didi pcuh him afew times back inwards in fornt of the web into in strengitng it as it went back in punchinghim back onto it in moviung it forward as it went back and inmoving it forward as it up as went up and then it back in moing tio side s of him a si opshedhim abcka she went back at me pced him a few tiems as he went back at me into side of me. Of as he went back at him more highr and as he went osdie sof me but iwent abck at him forwad in stipping him. And rolled oaurnd and i went back into teh mduidle of him and went downwr onto thim as i wnet onto hiom about it as iw ent back he back the same wau fo me as i miobed awy form him and then he lciked as vmeion ont he fac eof mine as witch he didi to me as went back again at him i miebd hsown otunge as touched my own vbnmeon and di the with tounge eewww it felt like a lizard ksiisng u long and drewly as the duel flale down nto ur oface bdoy and lcikign me to death and then tounge wnet onto to me and raped alal aorund onto own face a she oculd avble to figth me abcka dn i m,oved back puhed hed him bakc as he wnt back at me pushed threew the tounge still as lcupos showed intoi ir ans ir wnet back at him odwna rs dn he wenr abck the other side and to toerh side wit hone hand he grabed it and then tyred to get more ot toehr side as it went back athim. And they tutred to pcuhed him upwards as he ha dmy owmn hnad in oshing upa nd then he tred to ge htim back at him he wnet down and hten he went back at him as iowent forew and hw went back in moving ofr warda s iwnet upo and own he went backa thim ing oing side as he wenbtup with it and then it moedb it donw and then ytred to figth him abck a sit stuck to hsone hand as it fele the goo gorm into own hands squished aorund as we both in figthing and puched with the other hand into jus to push him awya as i went up and mobed in back with own hands in steaghing out to fight him back in form tof th ebalck stuff that was aornd me as i was in fornt of him as it was strengted to fight him back.

any ways i want to be a male verison of him as i want to be him wiht padded stuff all over my own bdioy as dressed up as man in really sexy vemon and fight spsider man for life as iwnet onto to him and untra voice as he as i do this and i want to see vemon slushie drinks black ones with red goo onti as changes clolour if touch it with ur breath to ornage and other purple owuld if breath ont it would turn into a blue colour and u that colour and i am happy ot paly the vocie of him at it owuls be int he seven elven place garage petrol palce.

plz do this for real.

pruavte form melissa on to me

And... that's enough email for me today!