Spider-Man: Great Escapes

Q. 1 "A Watery Grave"

This quiz covers some of the "Classic Escapes" made by Spider-Man over the years - those magic moments when "All-Seems-Lost", but our hero manages to overcome with determination, clear thinking, or just plain old-fashioned luck.

For example, in Amazing Spider-Man #2, Spider-Man is captured by the Vulture, and dropped unconscious into a rooftop water tank. The shock of the cold water wakes our hero, but how can he escape from the water which is way over his head?

 Swims to the bottom and punches a hole in the tank.
 Climbs up the wall.
 Swims to the bottom, then jumps clear to the ceiling, rising through 15 foot of water.
 Shoots webbing to the roof, and climbs up it.

Q. 2 "The Terrible Tinkerer"

Also in Amazing Spider-Man #2, Spider-Man is captured by the Tinkerer and his allies. He is placed in a "Specimen Cage" made of "Resisto-Glass", and the villans start to extract the air from the cage. What does our hero do?

 Shoots a strand of webbing through an air-extraction hole, striking the cage release button.
 Swings the cage until the chain breaks, shattering the glass as it hits the floor.
 Uses webbing to gum up the air extraction mechanism, causing the locks to release automatically.
 Places his feet on one side, his hands on the other, and pushes until the glass cracks.

Q. 3 "The First Spider-Slayer"

Amazing Spider-Man #25 sees the appearance of Mary-Jane, and the first Spider-Slayer. Peter jokingly encourages JJJ to listen to the "crack-pot theories" of Professor Smythe, and to purchase his Spider-Slayer. The Slayer, navigated by Jonah, then catches Spider-Man.

JJJ and Smythe hop in a car to go to where the slayer is holding Spider-Man. How does our hero escape the robot's clutches before JJJ and Smythe arrive to unmask him?

 Stretches his muscles, then relaxes suddenly and uses the slack to escape.
 Uses his super-sticky fingers to pull off the robot's front control panel.
 Concentrates on the steel tentacles one-by-one, rather than all at once.
 Uses his webbing to cover the robot's sensors, making it think he had disappeared.

Q. 4 "To Die a Hero"

Amazing Spider-Man #52 sees JJJ and Spider-Man captured by the King-pin and strapped back-to-back in a steel chair, in a basement which is rapidly filling with water. What does Spider-Man do?

 Breaks one of the wrist restraints, shoots a web to the ceiling, and lifts up the chair, himself, and Jonah.
 Spins a web bubble around them both, giving them enough air until the water lowers again.
 Taunts the Kingpin into releasing him for a hand-to-hand contest of strength.
 Snaps the cables by flexing his muscles (which impresses Jonah).

Q. 5 "Trapped by the Tentacles of Death"

The third Spider-Slayer appears in Amazing Spiderman #107. Smythe captures Spidey with his new "Ride-In" Slayer. He then goes out to do something-or-other. He leaves Spider-Man bound in a coil of steel cable, which also goes around his feet, and finally suspends him upside-down from the ceiling. How does our hero escape this one?

 Uses his webbing to activate a laser defense system on the slayer, and swings until the steel cable intersects the beam.
 Swings from side to side until he gets close to the ceiling and can stick with his hands.
 Spins round and round, until the screw in the ceiling unscrews.
 Bends and straightens very quickly, causing the single strand of cable to snap like a bullwhip, and break.

Q. 6 "Let's See? Do Spider-Powers Include Flying?"

Spider-Man is on the trail of Doctor Octopus. The good Doctor is being pursued by the ghost of Hammerhead, but Ock still has time to fall in love with Aunt May. Ock and May are escaping in a helicopter when Spidy hitches a ride with a web-line.

At the end of Amazing Spider-Man #157, a mile up in the air, Dr Octopus notices Spidey, and clips his line. What does our hero do when he returns at the start of issue #158?

 Builds a hang-glider out of webbing.
 Builds a parachute out of webbing.
 Webs himself into a large ball, and crashes into a snow-bank.
 Snags a web-line to helicopter following behind.

Q. 7 "White Dragon, Red Fire"

Amazing Spider-Man #184-#184, a College Spider-Man is trying to save one of his fellow graduate students, Phillip Chang, from being forced to join a local Chinese Dragon Gang. He surrenders to the White Dragon, who chains him up and throws him into a large vat of boiling oil. Now what is Spidey going to do?

 Twist in mid-air, web the ceiling, and avoid falling in the vat.
 Punch a hole in the floor of the vat, and drop un-noticed through to the room below.
 Snap the chains, build a web-suit, jump out of the vat, and throw himself in the nearby river.
 Snap the chains, and use webbing to smother the fire.

Q. 8 "Yet Another Watery Grave"

Remember when Mysterio was after some priceless treasure hidden in the old Parker family home? There was this plot involving the original burgler from Amazing Fantasy #15, and Aunt May goes into a rest-home. Peter is told she is dead and comes to see the body, but it is all part of the scam.

Anyway, the issue is Amazing Spider-Man #199, and Spider-Man has been captured by Mysterio, who chains him up and throws him into a swimming pool, which is filling rapidly with water. The situation seems familiar, no? What does our hero do this time?

 Spin a web ballon full of air. Boy, is he peeved!
 Spot the plug-hole and pulls the plug out.
 Realise the water is just an illusion.
 All of the above.

Q. 9 "The Sin-Eater"

Jean DeWolff dies in Spectacular Spider-Man #107. In Issue #108, Spider-Man faces the Sin-Eater in Times Square (I think), surrounded by a crowd of people. How does Spidey escape the Sin-Eater's shotgun blast.

 Spins a quick Web-Shield.
 Leaps up over the blast.
 Webs the muzzle of the gun.
 Leaps forward and knocks the barrel up into the air.

Q. 10 "Mary-Jane Escapes"

OK, here's a more recent one. Mary-Jane gets kidnapped by an over-enthusistic admirer, shortly after the wedding. In Amazing #309, Spider-Man is fighting Styx and Stone who were hired by the Villan. In the meantime, M-J is escaping from the apartment where she was being held. How does she get past the bad guys.

 Clobbers one of the bad guys with a lamp.
 Electrocutes a couple of them with a lamp.
 Grabs a gun from one of the bad guys.
 All of the above.