Spider-Man: The Basics

Q. 1 "The Name Game?"

The answers to most of the following questions can be found in the Spider-Man FAQ, in the Spider-Man Home Page. You should know most of them anyway.

What is Spider-Man's real name?

 Clark Kent
 Richard Smith
 Peter Parker
 Michael Stewart

Q. 2 "Poor Little Fellow"

Spider-Man was an orphan, who took him in when his parents died?

 His Uncle and Aunt
 His God-Parents
 His Grand-Parents
 An Orphanage

Q. 3 "Gotta Make a Living"

Being Spider-Man doesn't make any money. What job does Spidey do in his civilian identity in order to raise some cash?

 Newspaper reporter
 Television reporter
 Magazine column writer

Q. 4 "Where am I?"

What city does Spider-Man live in?

 Los Angeles
 New York
 Washington D.C.

Q. 5 "Just a Middle-Weight"

Spider-Man is pretty strong, but he's not that forceful. The following characters are listed in order of increasing strength, how high would Spider-Man rate?

 Weaker than all of the following
 Stronger than The Rhino
 Stronger than The Thing
 Stronger than Hulk

Q. 6 "Spider-Hubby?"

As at early 1995, what is Spider-Man's marital status?

 Attached, but not married
 Married, with children on the way

Q. 7 "Gone, But Not Forgotten"

Spider-Man has lost quite a few people he loved. The one that really hurt the most was a Girlfriend of his, who was thrown of a Bridge by a Costumed Creep in Amazing Spider-Man issue #121, close on 25 years ago now.

What was the name of the girl?

 Liz Osborn
 Betty Brant
 Felicia Hardy
 Gwen Stacy

Q. 8 "There's No Foe like an Old Foe"

Spider-Man has battled many hundreds of opponents over his long career. Which of the following foes is a more recent opponent?

 Doctor Octopus

Q. 9 "Spider-Pals and Spider-Pains"

Who of the following is a Spider-Fan, while all the others are Anti-Spidey types.

 John Jonah Jameson
 Flash Thompson
 Eddie Brock
 Jonathan Ceasar

Q. 10 "Those Old School Days"

Spider-Man got his early education at Midtown High School. Where did he go to College as an undergraduate and then a Post-Grad, also later returning to teach on occasion.

 Midtown College
 South Queens College
 Empire State University
 Mid-Eastern University