Jonathan's Audio Want List

Here's the list of all the items that I (Jonathan, the site editor) am still missing from my personal Spider-Man Audio collection.

Like most collectors these days, I just pick up stuff from eBay as and when my budget allows. But if you reckon you've got something super-rare (or super-cheap) that I really have to look at, then you can always Mail Me.

I am looking for 25 more items for my personal Audio collection.

All Audio

  • Parkes Run Records:
     Parkes Run Records #08-01: The Amazing Spider-Man & Spider-Woman - Together Against the Kingpin!
  • Prestige Records:
     Spider-Man: Freddie McCoy 33 rpm LP Code 7444
  • Soundtracks (Movie):
     Spider-Man 3: Music From And Inspired By Limited Edition CD
  • Spider-Man Books (Story Reader Audio):
     The Amazing Spider-Man: Picture Perfect (Story Reader)
     Spider-Man Story Reader Library
  • Spider-Man Comics & Record (One-Shots):
     The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (Record & Comic)
  • Spider-Man Electronic Audio Books:
     Spider-Man: Spectacular Spider-Powers
  • Spider-Man Music Records (One-Shots):
     The Marvel World of Icarus
     The Marvel World of Icarus CD Version: Sunrise Records (BIEM/MCPS LC12774 31103022)
     Golden Wonder Super-Heroes Snacks Presents
  • Spider-Man Musicals:
     Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave 33rpm LP Record
     Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave 45rpm Single "The Theme from Spider-Man"
     Spider-Man: From Beyond the Grave CD Picture Disc
     Spider-Man: Reflections of a Super-Hero 33rpm LP
  • Spider-Man Power Records (Record Only):
     Power Records: The Amazing Spider-Man & Friends
     Power Records: The Amazing Spider-Man & Friends CD Version: Includes Four Stories from LP Version Plus Invasion of the Dragon-Men
     Power Records: The Mad Hatter of Manhattan! (F2284)
     7 Super Adventures (66627)
  • Spider-Man Story Records (One-Shots):
     The Amazing Spider-Man Record
  • Spoken Word (Misc):
     The Return of Doctor Octopus (Spoken Word Story)
     The Scorpion Takes a Bride (Spoken Word Story)
     Marvel Super Heroes: How Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk Began (Spoken Word Stories)
     Shan-Lon Enterprises: On The Waterfront (ASM #303) Cassette
     Shan-Lon Enterprises: Scorpions Tale Of Woe (ASM #319) Cassette
     The Amazing Spider-Man In Machines and Monsters