X-Men/Power Pack #1


The Power Pack Kids go to a costume Party and run across Wolverine.

Story 'Costumes On!'

While attending a local Halloween costume party, Jack Power attends in a Wolverine costume, only to discover that so to does virtually every other boy at the party. He is dejected, and takes his anger out on his younger sister, Katie who runs off only to cross paths with the real Wolverine, who is stalking Sabretooth. The Power Pack kids head off to find their sister only to wind up in the middle of a slugfest between the two mutants.

As can be expected, they wind up whupping the rotten mutant, and then inviting Logan back to the party with them, where Jack winds up winning first prize for his costume.

General Comments

A cute, but improbable tale of the kids interacting in the real world of Marvel's adult heroes and villains.

Overall Rating

A fine team-up targeted for Marvel's younger readers.


At the costume party. a child appears in a Spider-Man costume.