Trouble #2


More teen heart-throb adventures of May, Mary, Richard and Ben working at summer camp! Yay!

Story 'What Mom Never Told Us'

Well... May and Ben are doing it like animals, but Richard can't get young Mary to drop her knickers. Must be that Catholic upbringing. In-between the "doing it" and "not doing it", there's more snotty customers at the camp. Plus, on payday, we get to see the four of them heading out and pretending to be loaded 'round the city shops. Oh, and Richard then does the wild thing with May, who's supposed to be Ben's chick.

There's also a couple of background-setting references to 12c comics, to clearly set the timeframe as being the 60's, but I'm not even gonna start believing that these are the Parkers who will play a role in Spidey's future, that concept holds as much water as a fishing net.

So, in summary... nothing new over last issue... and nothing at all to interest Spidey fans! This is "Teen Heart-Break Stories #235" as far as I'm concerned, and it does nothin' for me at all!

Oh, as one final laugh... the credits page gives info on the designers of the bikinis featured on the covers of the first two issues. What, I just picked up a copy of Maxim? Oh, and issue #2 comes with a PSR+ rating... I'm guessing that means "Parental Supervision Recommended". Right, well, that's made that clear then!

General Comments

If you're a horny young kid, I recommend you save your $3 for each of these five issues. Then you'll have $15 to spend! That might buy ya a few gallons of gas, a couple of burgers at MacDonalds, and a three-pack of condoms. I'll leave it up to you to find somebody to go enjoy the evening with.

Overall Rating

This comic is still lame. One web.