Green Goblin #2


Well, I thought issue #1 was great. The big question is, what is it going to be like the morning after. When all the hype and fancy covers have disappeared, is the romance still there for issue #2?

Story Details

So what was the first thing Peter wanted to do in his second comic book (Amazing Spider-Man #1)? He tries to join the Fantastic Four remember? Philip has to settle for a little less - like The New Warriors. What's that you say? OK, he has to settle for a lot less. Fortunately he recognises them for the losers they are and flits.

Now what's next? 1. Origin - 2. Attempt to join a team - 3. First real villain. Philip got a bit unlucky here and faces The Rhino the first time out. Rhino is no lightweight and it takes a lot of courage to even go near the guy. With a bit of luck and a bit of skill Goblin manages to grab the Rhino by the horn, and it's score one to the guy in Green, score zero to the dude in Grey.

General Comments

Yep, the romance is still there. In fact, I wouldn't be ashamed to call it a passion. Spider-Man? Spider-Who? I'm a Green Goblin fan!

Overall Rating

Still Five webs.