To the Staff (21-Apr-2015)

From Uriel

Once again, I agree. Jess's past has been jettisoned, and she is presented so differently from how was was before that I am finding the book problematical.

I agree the costume design works for the most part, but I hate the yellow kipper tie as her new logo.

I did put to Mr Hopeless that he is writing Jess as a dunderhead who seems wilfully incapable. At first he disagreed, and then claimed there is something else at work.

Good luck with issue 6, I found it went nowhere fast but reinforced Jess as a bit useless and a bit unpleasant.

No argument here, Uriel. Though I can't help but bite at Hopeless' claim that 'something else is at work'. Has Jess been impersonated by a Skrull again?! That would be unexpected. Maybe there's a 'Secret Invasion zone' in Battleworld?