Another Quiz on Venom

Q. 1 "You'd better get this right!"

What is Venom's real name?

 Eddie Brock
 Cletus Kasidy
 Peter Parker

Q. 2 "I'd like to order..."

What is Venom's favorite food?

 Peperoni Pizza

Q. 3 "You're Fired"

What was Venom's Job before going evil?

 Football player
 College Student

Q. 4 "Hero vs. Insane Half Hero"

Which Superhero has never fought Venom?

 Iron Man
 They all have

Q. 5 "Oww!"

Which of these villians have never fought Venom?

 Mysterio (Berkhart)

Q. 6 "Macho, Macho Maannn"

How much could Venom bench-press before he got his powers?

 200 pounds
 500 pounds
 700 pounds
 1000 pounds

Q. 7 "Grrrr"

Who does Venom hate the most?

 His Dad
 Ron Zimmerman

Q. 8 "His REAL father"

Who created Venom?

 Stan Lee
 Tom DeFalco
 David Michelinie
 J. Michael Straczynski

Q. 9 "Daddy"

What was the name of Venom's Dad