Symbiote Quiz

Q. 1 "From Whence You Came"

From where did Spiderman bring back the original Symbiote?

 From Galactus's spaceship
 From the Beyonder's world
 From the Infinity war
 From Asgard

Q. 2 "By Another Name"

Venom and Carnage are really who?

 Jason Philip Macendale & Quentin Blake
 John Jameson & Max Gargan
 Eddie Brock & Cletus Kasady
 John jameson & Ben Reiley

Q. 3 "A Little Help From My Friends"

Who discovers that Spiderman's black costume is really a living Symbiote?

 Mister Fantastic
 The Watcher
 Dr. Octopus

Q. 4 "Nice to Meat You"

How does Venom meet Carnage?

 In combat
 While trying to kill Spiderman
 In a prision cell
 In a rock concert

Q. 5 "What'cha Doin'?"

What does Carnage do in "Planet of the Symbiotes"?

 Is destroyed by the Symbiotes
 Absorbs many Symbiotes, which makes him grow larger & stronger
 Fights against the Symbiotes
 Remains in coma

Q. 6 "No Friend of Mine"

In Maximum Carnage, which of these villans do not team up with Carnage?

 The Lizard