Quick Quiz on Punisher

Q. 1 "You're the Boss, Boss."

The Punisher's very first appearance had him as more of a 'Hitman with a Conscience', than the Vigilante vs. Organised crime that he is now depicted as. These questions are centred more around his appearances in Spider-Man comics rather than his own storyline.

In his premiere outing Punisher was employed to kill Spider-Man, but by whom?

 The Jackal
 The Kingpin
 Jonah J Jameson

Q. 2 "Simple as Black and White."

Punisher's costume is black, with white trimmings. Which part of the outfit isn't white?

 The Boots
 The Chest
 The Mask
 The Gloves

Q. 3 "Wheels"

What is the name Punisher gives to his primary means of transportation when he first appears. It is renamed later, but what is it called initially?


Q. 4 "Bang! Got ya!"

Ok, a more recent question just so nobody has to score zero. In the recent 'Maximum Cloneage' story-line, The Punisher shoots one of the main characters. Who exactly does he hit?


Q. 5 "Hey, neat toys!"

Later in life tech, we meet The Punisher's pal 'Microchip' who makes all his gadgets. The Punisher's very first appearance happened a while before he met Microchip, when he had another man making his weapons. What was Punisher's codename for his first right-hand man?

 The Technician
 The Engineer
 The Armorer
 The Mechanic