Quick Quiz on Dr Octopus

Q. 1 "Count the Arms"

This quiz is a real simple one. Any Spider-Fan should Ace this quiz without working up a sweat. To show you what I mean, the first question is a really bunny.

How many mechanical arms does Doc Ock have?


Q. 2 "On a First Name Basis"

See. Easy isn't it? What is Dr Octopus' first name?


Q. 3 "Armed to the Teeth"

How Did Dr O. Get so Attached to his Arms.

 Nuclear Accident
 Genetic Bonding
 Surgical Attachment
 Mutant Power

Q. 4 "Tentacles of Death"

Doctor Octopus was responsible for the death of which one of the following.

 Captain Stacy
 Gwen Stacy
 Norman Osborn
 Aunt May

Q. 5 "Even Doctor's Need Love"

Who was the Doctor's previous romantic involvement before Stunner?

 Felicia Hardy
 Aunt May
 Gwen Stacy
 Gwen Stacy's Clone