Quick Quiz on Lizard

Q. 1 "That's My Boy"

What is the name of Martha and Curtis' son?


Q. 2 "Jimmy, Where's Yer Troosers?"

What color trousers does Curt prefer?


Q. 3 "My Home Town..."

Where did Curt call 'home' when he wasn't living in New York?


Q. 4 "Green-Power"

Which power has The Lizard never exhibited.

 Ability to climb walls
 Ability to control other reptiles
 Venomous claws
 Bullet-proof skin

Q. 5 "How The Mighty Have Fallen"

This should be a gift, but what is Curt Conners doing now?

 Living in New York
 Living elsewhere in the U.S.
 Living in another universe