Quick Quiz on Kaine

Q. 1 "So, ya come here often?"

What brought Kaine to New York?

 The bagels
 Doctor Octopus
 Sentimental trip to "home"
 Job as assassin

Q. 2 "First hit..."

Who was Kaine's first named victim?

 Detective Jacob Raven
 Doctor Octopus
 Detective Raven's partner
 Grim Hunter

Q. 3 "The truth comes out..."

Why did Kaine admit to his murders?

 It was the right thing to do
 Peter threatened to reveal his identity
 The Jackal threatened Kaine
 Detective Raven knew the truth

Q. 4 "So, who are you really?"

Who is Kaine a clone of?

 Miles Warren
 Peter Parker
 Ben Reilly
 Oh... nobody knows any more... and nobody cares!

Q. 5 "When ya gotta go..."

Who "killed" Kaine in Spectacular Spider-Man #227?

 The Jackal