Quick Quiz on Hypno-Hustler

Q. 1 "We Will, We Will, Rock You!"

These questions are tough, be warned! All of them have to do with the events in {{Spectacular Spider-Man #24}}.

What part does the Hypno-Hustler play in his group, Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy-Killers?

 Electric Organ
 Electric Drums
 Electric Guitar

Q. 2 "You are Feeling Sleepy, Sleepy, ..."

How does Peter defeat Hypno-Hustler's hyper-hypno-power?

 Blocks his ears with webbing.
 Closes his eyes and uses his Spider-Sense instead.
 Resists with sheer will-power.
 Counteracts it with negative feedback from an amplifier.

Q. 3 "A Colourful Figure."

This one's easy. What colour is the H-H's costume?

 White and Green
 Black and Green
 White and Purple
 Black and Purple

Q. 4 "Must... Resist... Hypno-Hustler... AAARGGGHH!"

Peter manages to resist the Hypno-Hustler, partly because he had quite recently battled another mind-bending menace. Think about the time frame of things and see if you can figure out who that previous menace was most likely to have been.

 Dr Jonas Harrow
 The Mind-Worm
 The Light-Master
 Mysterio and The Burgler

Q. 5 "I Oughta Be Working!"

Peter gets taken to the Disco against his will. One, because he hates that stuff, and Two because he should have been studying to make up a missed class. What was the missed class in?

 English Lit