Quick Quiz on Black Cat

Q. 1 "Daddy's Gonna Buy You A Diamond Ring..."

What Was Black Cat's Father's Occupation?

 Police Detective
 Cat Burglar
 Drug Dealer

Q. 2 "How Did That Work?"

The Black Cat's original "Bad Luck" powers were actually...

 Holographic Projections
 Natural Occurances
 Cleverly Crafted Stunts
 Mutant Abilities

Q. 3 "Now That's Unlucky!"

Who helped the Black Cat get her real "Bad Luck" powers?

 Reed Richards
 The Kingpin
 Doctor Strange
 The Tinkerer

Q. 4 "The Sharp Claws of Love"

Who did the Black Cat date as Felicia to get back at Peter after they broke up?

 Flash Thompson
 Lance Bannon
 John Jameson
 Ben Reilly

Q. 5 "Gotta Have a Motto"

What is the Black Cat's slogan?

 "The Black Cat will turn all your luck bad!"
 "Don't cross the Black Cat!"
 "It's pouncing time!"
 "Never let the Black Cat cross your path!"