David Kraft

Credits for David Kraft on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Captain America (Vol. 1)

Jan 1982 Captain America (Vol. 1) #265 (Writer)
Feb 1982 Captain America (Vol. 1) #266 (Writer)

Creatures On The Loose

Nov 1974 Creatures On The Loose #33 (Writer)
Sep 1975 Creatures On The Loose #37 (Writer)


Oct 1977 Defenders #52 (Writer)
Jul 1978 Defenders #61 (Writer)
Aug 1978 Defenders #62 (Writer)

Marvel Color/Activity (Misc)

Year 1997 Marvel Super Heroes Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book (Contributor)

Marvel Pop-Up Books (Intervisual)

Year 1982 Amazing Spider-Man Pop-Up Book "The Schemer Strikes" (Writer)
Year 1982 Amazing Spider-Man Pop-Up Book "Attack of the Tarantula" (Writer)

Marvel Team-Up

Sep 1981 Marvel Team-Up #109 (Writer)

Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual

Year 1981 Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #3 (Story 1) (Writer)

Spider-Man Books (Misc)

Year 1980 Spider-Man: A Piccolo Pop-Up Book (Contributor)
Year 1984 The Amazing Spider-Man: The Big Top Mystery (Writer)

Spider-Man Color/Activity (Misc)

Year 1983 Amazing Spider-Man: "Unmasked" Coloring Book (Writer)

Spider-Man Coloring Books (Giant Format)

Year 1977 Amazing Spider-Man Giant Story Coloring Book (Parkes Run) (Adaption)
Year 1980 Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Woman (Writer)

Spider-Man Memorabilia

Year 1978 Pez: Spider-Man vs. The Lizard (Writer)
Year 1978 Pez: Spider-Man vs. The Ringer (Writer)

Spider-Man Promo (Newspaper)

Year 1983 Danger In Dallas (Dallas Times Herald) (Writer)