Ultimate Spider-Man: Sticker Activity Book (Scholastic Australia)


This "Sticker Activity Book" from Scholastic Australia is 8" x 11" with staple-binding, and features 16 full-color activity pages plus two sheets of stickers.

Story Details

  Ultimate Spider-Man: Sticker Activity Book (Scholastic Australia)
Aug 2016
Summary: 16pp + 2pp stickers
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, Inc.

The activity pages are visually impressive. They feature bright full-color images, and are themed based on the popular Ultimate Spider-Man TV (2012) show.

Every page offers an activity which involves one of the stickers from the two full-color sticker sheets.

General Comments

Visually this is a great-looking book. Historically the Scholastic Australia books have nearly been simple black and white illustrations. This is one of the few exceptions, and it really does look very nice.

Just a shame about the low page count. It wasn't that expensive, to be fair. I paid NZ$8, which is around $6 in real money. So maybe sixteen pages is adequate. It sure doesn't feel generous at all!

Overall Rating

Very pretty. Nice stickers. Disappointing page count.

Split the difference and call it Three Webs.