Spider-Man 2: The Movie Souvenir Book (UK)


I'm pretty sure that this book was released in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand market only, and isn't available in the U.S. Format is pretty big, 8.25" x 12". It's 100% movie tie-in. It's rather similar to the Spider-Man 2: The Movie (Panini Sticker Album), don't get them mixed up!

Story Details

  Spider-Man 2: The Movie Souvenir Book (UK)
Summary: Movie stills, poster, puzzles, and some stickers.
Publisher: Alligator Books

This book really is like a souvenir you might buy at a theatre performance, except in this case it's a movie theater. The cover is glossy card, and all 16 inner pages are high gloss, with edge to edge color movie stills making up the artwork. For your four british pounds, you get full page profiles of Peter and Otto, and their corresponding real-life actors. Then there's half-page profiles of MJ, Harry, May and Jonah.

Then there's a two page synopsis, just like you would expect from a theatre souvenir booklet. It covers the basics of the preceding movie, and also gives you a bit of an intro into the second film, in case you came in half-way or something. Then there's a centrefold pinup photo spread to stick on your wall, a couple of full-page photo pinups of Spidey and Ock, and then a few smaller photos from the film for you to enjoy the next day. Add a handful of really dumb "puzzles" for weak-minded children and you're done.

Oh, not quite. I forgot, but there's a two-page insert with twenty stickers on it. They're all square, and feature Spidey and Ock pictures from the film.

General Comments

The format is top-quality, and the content is lowest-common-denominator. As a souvenir programme for somebody attending the movie, I guess it's exactly what it claims to be. As a collectable, it's actually quite neat, especially since it seems to be U.K. only, increasing it's rarity.

Overall Rating

Ignoring any "collectability" considerations, what you get for you money is exactly what you would expect. Hence, a perfectly ordinary three webs.