Marvel Super Hero Mask Book (Scholastic)


This book contains eight face masks. The book is 8.1" x 10.9" and the masks are more like 6" x 9".

Story Details

  Marvel Super Hero Mask Book (Scholastic)
Jan 2016
Summary: Eight Masks in Book Format (Spider-Man Appears)

Each mask is die-cut, just ready to be pushed out of the cardboard page. The masks are full-color printed, and have elastic headstraps already in place.

The masks are: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Groot, Captain America, Black Widow, Nova, Star Lord, and Hulk-Buster Iron Man.

General Comments

The masks are great quality, and given the bulk of the book, the AUD $6.99 price tag feels perfectly fair.

It's great to see Black Widow get an appearance. Perhaps one female mask out of eight isn't very good representation, but it probably meets the requirements of the buying public. Commerce will argue that it doesn't have a responsibility to change society, only to meet society's needs. I have no immediate counter-argument to this.

Overall Rating

Great product. Attractive material at a fair price.

Four Webs.


I'm not sure how you get a machine to tie elastic into books! I suspect that somewhere in a factory in China, some hard-working Chinese are very good at tying knots for 50c per hour.