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Date: Jul 4, 2012
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Based on the Marvel Previews #107, July for September 2012, I'd say you need to pre-order the following books in order to keep up with Spider-Man.

Core Titles
Amazing Spider-Man #693
Amazing Spider-Man #694
Avenging Spider-Man #12
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #6
Scarlet Spider #9
Spider-Men #5
Spider-Men, Charest variant #5, Charest variant
Spider-Men, Pichelli variant #5, Pichelli variant
Ultimate Spider-Man #14

Guest Apps
None ???

Venom #24
Venom #24, ASM 50th anniversary variant cover
Venom #25

Avenging Spider-Man: My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends TPB
Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol. 3 Premiere HC
Fear Itself: Spider-Man TPB
Marvel First: ReEvolution TPB
Spider-Man: Flying Blind TPB
Spider-Man: Lizard - No Turning Back Premiere HC
Spider-Man: Spider-Island Companion TPB
Spider-Man: Spider-Island TPB
The Punisher By Greg Rucka Vol. 2 TPB