Spider-Man TV (1980) Solo (Introduction)

As an incentive to get a major television network to purchase a Spider-Man cartoon, Marvel Productions began producing a solo Spider-Man cartoon in 1981. The NBC network was interested but believed the concept needed some added elements to make it more accessible for a larger audience. Iceman and Firestar were added in the follow-up show show called Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (TV).

Marvel also decided to continue with the solo concept and packaged the new solo Spider-Man cartoon with the 1967 cartoon to syndicate it to television stations around the United States. Creators and designs were shared between the two shows of the 80s but the voice cast was different.

This cartoon followed the formula of the 1967 cartoon: Peter Parker lives with his Aunt May and is a photographer for J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle. His responsibility to be Spider-man causes problems with his work, his studies, and his romantic involvement with Betty Brant. Twenty-six episodes were produced in single season of the solo series.

Cast Information

The voices for the regular cast were:

      Peter Parker/Spider Man   - Ted Schwartz
      Aunt May                  - Linda Gary
      J. Jonah Jameson          - William Woodson
      Betty Brant               - Mona Marshall

Audio Files

MP3 format sound files.

DVD & Video

Most episodes of this series were distributed on VHS. A bootleg DVD compiling all 26 episodes copied from VHS is available on iOffer. Rumor also has it that Clearvision DVD plan to release this series in Summer 2010 on Region 2 DVD for the UK market. Canadian company "Morningstar" has released a few odd episodes on DVD also. There are currently no known plans for a full release of this season in the US.