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Welcome to the raves archive. Raves are where staff and fans let off steam about whatever is on their mind. Unhappy with recent stories? Excited about, upcoming events? Whatever it is, here's the place to speak your mind!

If you do wish to offer submissions to this section, simply use the online mail form to contact Jonathan Couper. If you need to send an attachment, just send them a quick message introducing yourself, and they will reply with a regular email address.

Here are the Rave items for the current year (2018).

Run Review: Marv Wolfman (Jun)
The Future is #1 (Mar)
Feeling Venomous (Mar)
Spider-Man: Adult Content (Feb)
Lame Villain Ahead of His Time (Feb)

Archive (2017)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2017.

Did you ever notice...? (Nov)
Pre-Legacy Review Part 4 (Nov)
Pre-Legacy Review Part 3 (Oct)
Pre-Legacy Review Part 2 (Oct)
Pre-Legacy Review Part 1 (Oct)
Reevaluating Spider-Gwen: Part Two (Aug)
Reevaluating Spider-Gwen: Part One (Aug)
Amazing Grace - Worst in Years (Jul)
Thoughts on Marvel Legacy (Jun)
Title Review: Web of Spider-Man (Jun)
J.M. DeMatteis Omnibus Petition (May)
Philosophical Musing: Spidey and Wolverine (Mar)
Bad Characters, or Bad Writing? (Mar)
Where in the World is Kraven the Hunter? (Mar)
No New Ideas (Mar)
CBR Has Sold Out (Jan)

Archive (2016)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2016.

Uncle Ben there, done that. (Mar)
Run Review: Len Wein (Feb)

Archive (2015)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2015.

Spider-Gwen: Overrated (Dec)
The Daily Bugle: Super Villain Magnet (Jul)
How do you make a successful female superhero? (Apr)

Archive (2014)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2014.

Marvel Comics and Torture (Dec)
Marvel Comics... now Cheaper than Ever! (Sep)
ORIGINAL SIN #5 and Dirty Hands (Sep)
Stan Lee: A Modern da Vinci? (Jul)
The Ballad of Superior Spider-Man (May)
Variant Covers - Spider-Man in Motion (May)
The Cornrow Conspiracy (May)
Shailene Woodley and Comic Book Women (Apr)
Forgotten Female Characters (Mar)

Archive (2013)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2013.

Peter Parker's Death - For the Benefit of Marvel (Jun)
Why I Love Comic Books: Reflections on Society (May)
It's Deja Vu All Over Again (Apr)
Your Comics in the Cloud? They Floated Away... (Apr)
Superior Spider-Man - For the Benefit of Marvel (Apr)
We Caused the Superior Spider-Man (Mar)
For Black History Month (Feb)

Archive (2012)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2012.

Our Favourite, Least Favourite Issues of ASM (Dec)
"Ends of the Earth" and Sexism (Aug)
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree (Jul)
Quentin Beck: Master of Repetition (Jun)
Cynicism vs Optimism (Apr)
Serendipitous Continuity Adherence (Mar)

Archive (2010)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2010.

Variant Covers. Enough is Enough! (Oct)
Rehash x 2 - Clone Saga & Secret Wars (May)
I Beg To Differ — Current Spidey Sucks! (Jan)

Archive (2009)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2009.

Current Spidey - Not So Bad After All? (Nov)
Mayan Doom - 2012 and The End of Comics! (Nov)
Online Comics... The Death of Print? (May)
Parenting and Responsibility (Apr)
Norman Osborn - Scumbag in Authority (Feb)
Spider-Man's Rogue Gallery (Feb)

Archive (2008)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2008.

Brand New Day: Secrets and Disappointments (Nov)
Mile High Makes Good (Oct)
Stan Lee Wants My Money (Oct)
The Thrill of High Numbers (Apr)
8 Reasons to Watch Spectacular Spider-Man (Apr)
Brand New Day - Can't Have It Both Ways (Feb)
One More Day - An Open Letter to Marvel (Jan)
Spider-Man Unmasked... A Missed Opportunity (Jan)
Protest One More Day Now... Avoid the Rush! (Jan)
I Love and I Hate... (Jan)

Archive (2007)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2007.

Nine Ways to Leave Your Lover (Dec)
Spider-Man No More... (Nov)
My Wizard World Chicago Experience (Sep)
Spider-Man - Big Talk, No Action (Jul)
Back in Blah (Jun)
I Liked the Third Movie. No, really. (May)
And Thus... The Ultimate Clone Saga (May)
Curmudgeonly Comments on Continuity (Feb)
Andrew Raves: Tony Stark Was Right (Feb)
New Avengers - Craig raves (Jan)

Archive (2006)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2006.

Spider-Man's Identity Revealed - Merv Raves (Dec)
Why The New Avengers Have to Split Up (Dec)
A Word From Al - Spider-Man's Identity (Nov)
The Not-So-Ultimate Spider-Man. (Sep)
Spider-Man vs. Cap (Sep)
Spider-Man Unmasked Doesn't Mean Bad Writing (Sep)
Spider-Man Unmasked? Well, Maybe! (Sep)
Spider-Man Unmasked? No Way! (Sep)
Spidey Over-Exposed (Jun)
New Avengers #19 - Is This Spidey? (SPOILERS) (Jun)
Letter to Joe Quesada: Spider-Man Must Grow (May)

Archive (2005)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2005.

Return of the Green Goblin (Aug)
Metal Cards (Aug)
Ditko vs. Romita (Jul)
More Movie Promo Cards (Jul)
Spidey's New Statistics - Do They Matter? (Jun)
2002 Artbox FilmCardz (Jun)
Interview With Spidey Novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido (Jun)
Niles Day Raves (May)
Matt Defends Reg Hudlin (May)
2002 Topps Movie Cards (May)
An Insert From our Sponsor (May)
Spiderfan makes the Spider-Man 2 DVD! (Apr)
Fast Food Spider! (Apr)
Card Collecting: 2004 Lunchables (Apr)
Calculating the Weight of Vibranium Skin (Apr)
Mystery of the Goblin's Capture (Apr)
Interview With Spidey Artist Jon Haward (Apr)
Card Collecting: 2002 Fla-Vor-Ice Promo (Mar)
Continuity Complaints (Mar)
Kelloggs Card Craziness (Feb)
Sins Forgiven (Jan)
Throw Spidey from the Train (Jan)
The Predictive Power of Spider-Man (Jan)

Archive (2004)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2004.

Mile High Club Disappoints (Sep)
2004 Kelloggs Prismatic Cards - A Cereal Collector Tells All (Sep)
Amazing Spider-Man #512 (Aug)
Cameos in MK:Spider-Man #6 (Aug)
The Games People (Don't) Play - Marvel vs. System (Aug)
Spider-Man 2 Cereal Review (Jun)
Spider-Man 2 Review (Jun)
Continuity Cock-Ups, - Careless vs. Criminal [1] (May)
Counter Rave (Mar)
Too Much About Ock (Feb)
Are Villains Still Villains? (Feb)
Ultimate Blunder? (Jan)

Archive (2003)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2003.

I Can Laugh About It Now (Nov)
Too Many Ocks (Nov)
Let's Celebrate (Oct)
The Super-Duper Deluxe Spider-Man Costume (Oct)
Quick Opinions (Sep)
League of Extra-Ordinarily Bad Movie Makers (Sep)
Two Sulks - Identities & Villains (Aug)
ASM #55 - An Alternate Take (Aug)
Encyclopedia Interview (Aug)
Spider-Girl: The Last Bastion of Continuity! (Jul)
Paperback Misadventures (May)
Oh, Me of So Little Faith! (Apr)
Honey, I Shrunk The Spider-Man (Apr)
Doc Ock's First Encounter With Spiders! (Apr)
Ultimate Spider-Man Losing Its Appeal? (Mar)
All Manga-led Up! (Mar)
Three Things (Feb)
What I Miss Most (Feb)
Can the Real Spider-Artist Please Stand Up? (Feb)
Never Trust Any Pop Icon Over Thirty... (Feb)
Comics: What Price Do We Pay? Continued... (Jan)

Archive (2002)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2002.

Comics: What Price Do We Pay? (Nov)
Do Sequels REALLY Suck? (Nov)
Do Sequels Suck? (Nov)
Spider-Man: The Movie: The DVD: The Review (Oct)
No Joe Q? The Bright Side (Oct)
Death Done Right (Sep)
Webshooters Replica - Cool or Disappointment? (Aug)
Joe Wants to Know! (Aug)
The Saga of the Lost Spidey Super Stories (Aug)
Unfinished Business (Aug)
Zimmerman: Marvel's New Darling? (Jul)
I Love Aunt May (Jul)
Super-Hero Story (Jul)
Spiderfan.org Hits the Airwaves! (Jun)
Movie Review (May)
The Great CGC Debacle (May)
Free Comic Book Day (May)
Movie Madness (May)
Scarlet Spider Action Figures! (Apr)
Gwen Stacy's Death Explored (Apr)
Eight Little Words (Apr)
Sweet Charity Preview and Darick Robertson Interview! (Apr)
Straczynski & Jenkins Not Good Enough? (Mar)
Credit Where Credit's Due (Mar)
Hype (Mar)
Amazing Spider-Man #38 (Mar)
Spider-Man Strip! (Feb)
Prototypes (Feb)
The Ultimate Origin Reprint - An Update (Feb)
We're Not Worthy! ('Nuff Said) (Feb)
Pass The Popcorn (Feb)
Continued On 8-Track Cassette... (Feb)
John Buscema, Rest In Peace (Feb)
Spider-Man 2099 Figurines (Feb)
Bring Back Ben Continued... (Jan)
Ultimate Origin Reprint (Jan)
To Die or Not to Die (Jan)
Spider-Man Trailer Reviewed (Jan)

Archive (2001)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2001.

Aunt May (SPOILER ALERT!!!) (Oct)
The Life of Reilly (Oct)
Ditko Rave (Oct)
Music... "Jesus & Spider-Man" by The Steven King Trio (Oct)
100 Greatest... or Not? (Oct)
Flowers For Who? (Sep)
Our Top Five (Sep)
Poster Pulled (Sep)
The Real Heroes (Sep)
JMS Tackles The Big One (Sep)
Marvel Lawyers Lay Low (Aug)
Spider-Girl Loses The Plot (Aug)
More Musical Tribute - "Nixon" (Aug)
Delights of Delilah (Aug)
Ultimate Extreme Marvel Art (Aug)
Blame Mary Jane (Jul)
Nothing To Say (Jul)
Limited Editions Push New Boundaries... (Jul)
"...And Together" by Spirit Creek (Jul)
Biting The Hand... (Jul)
Bendis, Busy Again (Jun)
Happy Days are Here Again! (Jun)
Spider-Talent 3 - Peter Bagge (Philosphy) (May)
Spider-Talent 2 - Rick Parker (Chat) (May)
Spider-Talent 1 - Lee Weeks (Interview) (May)
What's In A Number...? (May)
In Love with Mary-Jane (Apr)
Stalker Screw-Ups (Apr)
Spider-Man... Killer (Apr)
Uncle Ben... Psychic (Apr)
Spidey By The Numbers (Apr)
A Completist Has His Say (Mar)
Moments II (Mar)
MJ Lives! (Mar)
Zen And The Art Of Comic Collecting (Feb)
Moments from Old Funnybooks #1 of 3 (Feb)
Venom's Wrath (Jan)
The Box (By Edgar Allan Poe and Al Sjoerdsma) (Jan)
My Aunt, My Android (...or, Aunt May Who?) (Jan)
Bob vs. Al? (Jan)
69th And Metro (Jan)

Archive (2000)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 2000.

Dark Spidey, Wizard Goof (Oct)
Licensed to Print... Money! (Oct)
Z'Nox in Sox (Oct)
Internet Super-Hero Challenge! (Oct)
Rapid-Fire Al (Sep)
What Else is Good? (Sep)
Ultimate Spider-Man Rocks! (Sep)
It's All Good... Baby (Uh-Huh!) (Sep)
Watermarks & Watersheds (Sep)
Islands of Adventure (Aug)
Annoyingly Good (Aug)
Alicia For MJ? (Aug)
Comic Book Ads (Jul)
Ultimate Spidey (Jul)
Madness is... More Marrow! (Jul)
Classic John Romita Figures (Jul)
JRJR Speaks Out (Jun)
DirecTV: The Guide (Jun)
Bubble Gum (Jun)
Spider-Man vs. Plato (Jun)
Unlimited Air-Time Severely Limited (Jun)
Four (May)
Pop References (May)
Organic Origins? (May)
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (May)
Skip Month (Apr)
Movie Update (Apr)
Stan is Dead (Apr)
R.I.P. Web-Spinners (Apr)
Trashing Titles (Apr)
Title Trauma (Apr)
All Washed-Up (Apr)
Notable Appearance (Mar)
The Queen of Musicals (Mar)
Nobody Knows Who You Are (Mar)
Resigned to Reissuing (Mar)
The Collecting Compulsion (Mar)
Tom on Top (Mar)
Editorial Comment (Mar)
High-Heeled Sneakers (Mar)
I Like It Rave (Feb)
Reboot vs. Clone Rave (Feb)
Snippits and Rumours (Feb)
MJ Ain't Dead (Feb)
Webspinners Walks (Jan)
My Sandman, Right or Wrong (Jan)
A Villain by Any Other Name (Jan)

Archive (1999)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 1999.

Spider-Man Makes an Effort (Apr)
Deadpool Bounces Back (Apr)
Manga Meets it's Maker (Apr)
Pokemon Precludes Peter Parker (Apr)
Chapter One Revisited (Apr)
Comics on The Rebound? (Apr)
A Method in My Mystery (Apr)
Crying Over Spoilt Milk (Mar)
The Mystery of "The TV Terror" (Mar)
Silver Age Writers Rave (Mar)
Spider-Man Unlimited (Mar)
Origins of Spider-Man (Feb)
Al's Cameo Rave (Feb)
Spider-Man in 64 Bits (Feb)
Al's Abbreviated Aphorisms (Feb)
Promises, Promises (Feb)
Rumours from Within Marvel (Feb)
ToyBiz/Marvel (Feb)
PPP Goes Quarterly (Feb)
Byrne Gets Tenure (Feb)
The Movie is Moving Again (Feb)
Snuff Pages (Jan)
Nathan's Niceness (SPOILERS) (Jan)
Jason's Jitters (SPOILERS) (Jan)
Al Gets Discouraged (SPOILERS) (Jan)

Archive (1998)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 1998.

Spidey's Corner - a New Mailing Listserver (Dec)
Green Goblin in the Legion of Unliving (Dec)
Washington Post Poll (Dec)
Heroes Born, Heroes Created (Dec)
Nice Guys vs. Super-Heroes (Nov)
Or Maybe Just The Benefit of The Doubt (Nov)
Giving Byrne Enough Rope (Nov)
Bob Sharen For Sale (Nov)
Josh's Final Chapter (Oct)
Bring Back Uncle Ben! (Oct)
Wise Words from Al (Oct)
Kurt Vonnegut fixes Spider-Man (Oct)
Cameron's Movie? Too Hard! (Oct)
Venom Revisited (Sep)
Josh Lothridge - Comic Star (Sep)
Back to Square One - More from the Oracle (Sep)
Nostalgia and Hope - Wise Words from Al (Sep)
Welcome to the Calm Before The Storm (Sep)
A Word From Al (Aug)
Musing on Manga (Aug)
Who Killed Gwen Stacy? (Aug)
And a Last Word From Jason (Jul)
Another Word From Al! (Jul)
A Word From Al (Jul)
Mayhem Returns to Manhattan (Jul)
Venom Movie (Jul)
...Or To Be More Specific (Jul)
Marvel Revamps Titles... (Jul)
Comics Are Sexist? (Jun)
Florida Marvel Mania Restaurant Cancelled (Jun)
A Word From Al (Jun)
Movie Meanderings (Jun)
Other News (May)
A Word From Al (May)
Spidey HeadGear (May)
Marvel Mania Restaurant (May)
Good Evil (May)
A Word From Al (Apr)
Marvel Mailer (Apr)
Movie Ups and Downs... (Apr)
But It Ain't Over Yet (Apr)
Light at the end of the tunnel? (Apr)
Mouth-Peekers Extraordinaire! (Mar)
Bye-bye Love, Bye-bye Happiness... (Mar)
Movies and Bankruptcy (Mar)
Rumours of Their Death Greatly Exaggerated... (Feb)
R.I.P. "Marvel Team-Up, volume 2" (Feb)
Venom's Wrath - A New Spider-Man Novel (Feb)
Whatever's The Matter With Mary-Jane? (Feb)
Rewriting History? A Blind Man's Elephant. (Feb)
Title Changes (Feb)
A Word From Al (Jan)
Mighty Marvel Mailer (Jan)
Marvel Madness in Florida (Jan)
Junk Food - Marvel Style (Jan)
Marvel Cuts Spider-Man Titles (Jan)

Archive (1997)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 1997.

Comprehensive word from Joel Mathias (Nov)
A Wise Word from Aaron Hoffman (MTU Reviewer) (Nov)
A Quiet Word from Al (Nov)
A Word From Al (Oct)
New Graphic Novel? (Oct)
A Word From Al... (Sep)
Marvelverse on The Couch (Sep)
Al Investigates - The Case of The Missing Husband (Aug)
End of The Megazine (Aug)
A Word From Al (Jul)
A Word From Al (Jun)
A Quick Health Check on Comic Books (Jun)
Tim Eimiller Defends The Shocker (May)
A Word From Al (May)
Dangling Plot Lines (May)
Team-Ups, Marvel and Otherwise (May)
Staff Changes (Apr)
A Word From Al (Apr)
The New Electro (Apr)
Random Observation (Mar)
The Death of Untold Tales (Mar)
What Happened to Ben? (Feb)
Spider-Man and Mega-Babes (Feb)
Missing Annuals (Jan)
Staff Changes (Jan)
Separate Titles (Jan)
Current Favourites (Jan)

Archive (1996)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 1996.

Hobgoblins Revealed (Nov)
Marvel On Toast (Nov)
More About People... (Oct)
Moved House (Oct)
Latest At Marvel (Oct)
Farewell to Green Goblin (Sep)
Monthly Gripe (Sep)
Lizards and Scorpions (Teensy Spoilers) (Aug)
Cross-Overs By Any Other Name (Aug)
Pencils and Inks, Good and Bad (Aug)
Talking With Roger Stern (Jul)
Monthly Gripe (Jul)
Onslaught! (Jun)
Spider-Man in Italy (May)
Marvel WWW Sites (May)
Peter or Ben? (Apr)
What's Happening in Spider-Man (Apr)
The Spider-Man Movie (Article By Daniel Wood) (Mar)
Spider-News (Mar)
Sex and Violence: Well, Mostly Violence (Feb)
Web-Slinging to a New City (Jan)
Why Call This Newsletter 'Peter Parker's Pad'? (Jan)

Archive (1995)

Here are the Rave items for previous year 1995.

KMAC's Place - Comics by Mail (Sep)
This Month's Gripe (Sep)