Rave : 2005 : Kelloggs Card Craziness

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Date: Feb 1, 2005
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If Spidey cards are your thing, then don't overlook the recent series of Spidey "game" cards printed on the back of Kelloggs cereal boxes in the last year. We have a page specially dedicated to these 2004 Kelloggs Cut-Out cards over in our Spidey Trading Cards section.

In fact, I'm planning to enter in quite a few more trading card series in the next few months. I've just added a page for the 2001 Topps Promo series that were given away as a warm-up to the subsequent movie series. Of course, I'm missing a few of those cards (I'm missing P3-P5). Do Mail Me if you can help fill the gaps.

Next month we'll spotlight the 2002 Film Cardz series by ArtBox. After that we'll cover the Fla-vor-ice 5 card promo set and the 6-card Oscar Mayer "Lunchables" promo set. Then we'll have a look at the "Recharge Collectable Card Game" from around the time of the first movie. After that then I guess we'll just have to check out the genuine full-sized sets distributed for the first and second movies. Lots of great cards to see!