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Date: Sep 1, 2004
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While recently in the United Kingdom, I spotted the Spider-Man 2 movie logo branded over all sorts of merchandising. I could refuse most, but when I noted that Kelloggs was giving away a 3D prismatic Spider-Man card "FREE" in every box of their cereal-and-milk breakfast bars, I somehow ended up with half a dozen boxes in my trolley by the time I hit the checkout.

The bars themselves were disgusting! With nearly four dozen of the darned things, I ended up munching as many as I could handle, giving a whole heap away to various children I had floating around the place, and managed to hide at least a dozen in my host's kitchen pantry and left them behind when I left the country. What's worse, I somehow managed to only score three of the four cards in the set!

Still, they're great cards. You can see more about them on our Cards : 2004 Kelloggs Prismatic page, which is part of our ever-increasing Spider-Man Trading Cards page. More importantly, if you can help me find that last Doc Ock card I need, then for goodness' sake, Mail Me! Also, if you saw these cards on the shelves outside the UK, maybe drop me a line and mention that too.