Rave : 2004 : Spider-Man 2 Cereal Review

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Hot on the heels of the release of SPIDER-MAN 2 comes the "Spidey-berry fruit flavoured" Spider-Man brand toasted oat cereal. This may be a Canadian thing, what with the British spelling and the identical French back of the box. The shapes look like Honeycomb cereal, but taste like grainy web-fluid. And what's up with those colors? Red, sure...but green??? And what in blazes is a "Spidey-berry", anyway? And where's the toy??? There's a promotion going on now in Frosted Flakes cereal, giving away one of three types of Spidey-themed flashlight-type devices, each projecting a different symbol. These are stupid: one is some kind of "Doc Ock symbol" (like one of his claws), and the two others are Spider-symbols, neither of which resembles the one in the comics. Despite the crappiness of these toys, they would have been appreciated in this otherwise worthless box, and are probably more functional and marginally more entertaining than the crap toys being included in Burger King kid's meals here. I bought a kid's meal just to get the toy, and ended up with some stupid Spidey-head stopwatch with a belt clip (see picture). The other toys available included some kind of Spider-belt-buckle, Spider-glasses, and five more.

My sister says the Spider-Man cereal tastes like garbage, and I have to agree. If I remember correctly, the taste is similar to the ol' Franken-berry cereal. What I did discover during the testing is that the cereal is actually edible enough to snack on right out of the box. Put milk in it, though, and you'll regret it! If this were a comic, I'd give it one whole star...