Rave : 2002 : Pass The Popcorn

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So, what we have here is a classic tale, abut a young boy given great power, and the choices he makes... *crunch*.


Yeah, ya see, now he's got the power. He's from this poor family. Orphaned, of course. Well, his Uncle dies too. Oh, that bit hasn't happened yet. See, here it comes. Blam! Yeah, so now there's this guilt thing happening. So he could have been, like a crook, and gotten all this cash, but he doesn't, see... *munch*


Ah, now, this is Mary Jane. You see, this is more like Unlimited Spidey. In the real one, he doesn't get it on with MJ, there's this other chick, Gwen, that he gets keen on. But she dies, thrown off a bridge by the Goblin. He's the arch-nemesis guy. Good versus Evil. See, here's the bridge right, but instead of Gwen, it's MJ. But also, he's gonna save her. See. Yeah, there ya go, told ya. Saw that coming a while back... *crunch*


Yeah, but the real interesting dichotomy is actually not in the movie at all, it's about the real Spidey. Like, what IS the real history of Spider-Man. Raimi has gone and messed it all up. He has Peter being some sort of hero to his friends, and not the big looser schmuck that Peter was. And all these changes to the story. Like what IS the real history. Is it the movie, or the comic. What makes the truth. Is it what came first, or what makes a better story, or what most people believe. Like this bit here with the webshooters, you know, in the original comics, he tried to sell the formula, but now, in this version... *crunch*.

Oh. Just SHUT up and let me enjoy the movie! And give me that damned popcorn before you finish it off. I paid for it ya know. And you still owe me for the tickets too!