Rave : 2000 : All Washed-Up

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Date: Apr 1, 2000
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So, how is everyone enjoying the latest adventures in the life of Ben Reilly? You remember Ben. He was the single web-slinger who lived in a crummy apartment and was so down on his luck that he had to get work as a dishwasher/counterman in a coffee shop even though he was a regular science whiz. Ben was invented because Marvel wanted to return Spider-Man to his "hardluck loner" roots but the plot twist that Mr. Reilly was, in reality, the real Peter Parker alienated too many readers and his whole storyline was laid to rest.

But just because the character was killed off doesn't mean the intent died with him. Yes, that's right. "Ben" is back. Not through the ol' switcheroo but through Mary Jane's "death" in a plane crash, Peter's loss of his two jobs, and an empty bank account resulting in apartment eviction. Now, Spider-Man is a single guy who lives in a crummy apartment and is so down on his luck that a window sign advertising for a dishwasher (as seen in ASM #17) looks good to him. I guess he'll be dyeing his hair blonde next...