Rave : 2000 : Snippits and Rumours

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Date: Feb 2, 2000
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Ted Jackmen tells me that JRJR is planning to leave Thor and draw both Spidey books. I'm not a huge fan of JRJR, but since that would indicate that Byrne will be leaving, I'm very happy to hear that news.

However, Comic Shop News says that since Erik Larsen is leaving Wolverine, and Nova has been cancelled, he is now lined-up to do Thor #26-#28 and Amazing Spider-Man #19-#21, as well as a 12 issue FF mini-series.

On another topic. Patler tells me that Spider-Man was made into a musical in Britain last year. Can that really be true? Even if it is, I'm afraid it's not on my "must do" list.