Rave : 1999 : Rumours from Within Marvel

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Date: Feb 5, 1999
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This little piece of news comes from one of the team, who spoke with one of the team within Marvel. Just in case anyone from Marvel ever reads PPP, I have *snipped* the names out of this. But, the story goes...

Having talked myself to [The Marvel Team-Member], I have been told that Mackie is just writing what Marvel tells him to write. Look at it this way: How can the same guy who writes Mutant X ( not too bad of a title) and wrote a great X-Factor run (from #126-#134) and, lest we forget, the guy who also created S.H.O.C. be the same guy who writes the @$#@*& new Spidey comics? I don't think Mackie's the greatest writer, not by a longshot, but he's not TOO bad... the only problem is that Marvel is now Administratively Driven.

[The Marvel Guy] told me that Busiek and the other big writers are walking in a few months. I predict that by 2000, 2001 tops, Bob Harras is no longer Editor-In- Chief, and Marvel might be the story-friendly place it was in the 60's and 80's.

I dunno... Marvel's all ready bankrupt, let's see how long it takes before it realizes WHY.