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Welcome to the news archive. You have probably recognised that SpiderFan is more of an archive/database site than a hot news-breaking site. Even so, we do like to keep an eye on major events, and we also keep an eye on the bulletin boards to point out any particularly interesting threads.

If you do wish to offer submissions to this section, simply use the online mail form to contact Jonathan Couper. If you need to send an attachment, just send them a quick message introducing yourself, and they will reply with a regular email address.

Here are the News items for the current year (2013).

Bring Bagley Back! (Sep)
Spider-Man LEGO... Multi-Jointed Awesomeness! (Sep)
FEATURED: Superior Spider-Talk Ep. #3 (May)
Spider-Fan on the Radio (May)
Who Said Dan Slott is a Liar? (Apr)
Superior Spider-Week Round-Up (Apr)
Random Spider-News (Mar)
Superior Spidery Drives Comic Sales Jump, Jan 2013 (Feb)
Superior Spider-Man...fired from the Avengers!? (Feb)
Peter David suffers a stroke (Jan)

Archive (2012)

Here are the News items for previous year 2012.

Lo Spazio Bianco's 50th Anniversary Spidey Celebration (Nov)
ASM #700 to Feature Steve Ditko Variant Cover (Oct)
Avengers TV Spin-Off... S.H.I.E.L.D. (Aug)

Archive (2011)

Here are the News items for previous year 2011.

Cliff "Uncle Ben" Roberson dies aged 88 (Sep)
Nicholas Hammond interview by CJ Johnson (Sep)
Another Spider-Man Musical... (Aug)
Broadway turns the Spider-Man lights back on (Jun)
Bye Bye UK Spidey! (May)
SpiderFan Re-Theming... Work in Progress. (Apr)
Spider-Man Movie gets name, website (Feb)
Spider-Man Movie costume set pics! (Feb)
Spider-Man on Broadway (sort of) (Jan)
Ultimate Spider-Man #150 (or Thereabouts) (Jan)
The Wizard is Dead! (Jan)
Spider-Man Checklists in Excel Format (Jan)
Disney "Ultimate" Spidey Cartoon in Fall 2011 (Jan)
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man - First Photos (Jan)
First Broadway Reviews... (Jan)
Out for Blood? (Jan)
Spider-Man Musical vs. Consumer Laws (Jan)
Nuclear Bomb during Musical Rehearsal (Jan)

Archive (2010)

Here are the News items for previous year 2010.

Spider-Man musical opening pushed back again! (Dec)
3 Chicks Review Comics (Dec)
‘Spider-Man’ Starts to Emerge From Secrecy (Nov)
Spider-Man Comic in the NY Daily News! (Nov)
Spidey on B'Way Misses Turkey-Day Opening! (Nov)
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Pain! (Sep)
60's Spider-Man Theme in New Movie! (Sep)
Broadway on The Move (Aug)
Two Spider-Man Podcasts (Aug)
Five Real-Life Spider-Men (Aug)
Italian Spider-Man Movie (Aug)
Spider-Man News from SDCC (via CBR) (Jul)
Westboro Baptist Church to Protest SDCC (Jul)
Spider-Man on Broadway - One Last Chance (Jul)
Movie: Andrew Garfield = Spider-Man (Jul)
Peter Parker No More? (Jul)
Spider-Man Movie - 3D on July 3 2012 (Feb)
Random Roundup - Feb 3rd 2010 (Feb)
Welcome Back to Marvel Adventures (Jan)
Spider-Man 4: Back to the Beginning! (Jan)
Farewell to Marvel Adventures (Jan)
Pieces of the Puzzle (Jan)
Disney Buys 10% of POW! Why? (Jan)

Archive (2009)

Here are the News items for previous year 2009.

Watch Disney XD, or Spectacular Dies! (Nov)
Dynamic Forces: One-Day Special! (Nov)
Fan Movie: Peter's Web #3 (Nov)
Spider-Man: The Musical... Back on Track? (Nov)
Classic Marvel Comics on iPhone (Nov)
Disney now owns Marvel (Nov)
"Spider-Man" gets arrested in Sydney (Jun)
"Peter's Web" - Fan Movie! (Jun)
Spider-Man & MJ Remarried! (May)
Crazy Spider-Man on YouTube (May)
Spider-Bite Grants Real-Life Powers (May)
New McDonald's Spidey Happy Meal Toys (Mar)
Thai 'Spider-Man' to the rescue (Mar)
Marvel updates film release dates (Mar)
Spider-Man on Broadway (Mar)
False Allegations in Stan Lee Lawsuit (Jan)
Spider-Man (co-)creator sued for $750m (Jan)
Basketballer Dwyane Wade Loves Spidey (Jan)
Sing, Spidey, Sing! (Jan)
Mr. Spider-Man goes to Washington! (Jan)

Archive (2008)

Here are the News items for previous year 2008.

Sing it loud: Spider-Man the Musical! (Dec)
The Secret of Harry's Return? (ASM #581) (Dec)
Ditko Comics & Spider-Man RiffTrax (Nov)
Arts, Humanities Medals Awarded to Stan Lee (Nov)
Guess Who Collects Spider-Man (Nov)
Spider-Girl Under Threat... Again! (Oct)
Mini Marvels, Rock, Paper Scissors (Oct)
Spider-Man 4: Win a walk-on role. (Aug)
'Spider-Man' creator goes high-tech (Jul)
Reggie White, Jr. is published (in letter form) (Jul)
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Jul)
Dedicated Spider-Man Costume Site (Jul)
Spider-Man and Hulk go Rock climbing (Jun)
Classic Illustrated Comics on the Web (Jun)
Spider-Fan contributor, Bob Sodaro interviewed (Jun)
Library of Congress Acquires Spider-Man's 'Birth Certificate' (May)
Sr. Title Coordinator gets letter in ASG #20 (May)
Stan Lee + Kevin Smith = Hero Initiative (Jan)
One More Day - YouTube's Take (Jan)
Spidey Smooch is covered by Newsweek (Jan)

Archive (2007)

Here are the News items for previous year 2007.

Stan gets Jules Verne Award (Ditko doesn't) (Dec)
Spider-Man's identity UN-revealed! (Nov)
Five Year Old Real-Life Spidey Hero (Nov)
Spider-Man: The Icon Goes On-Line (Nov)
New Spider-Man Pinball (Nov)
Charity Auction - Lunch with JR SR (Nov)
Important Note for Fan Submissions (Sep)
In Search of Steve Ditko (Sep)
It's true, it's all true! (Aug)
R.I.P. Mike Wieringo 1963-2007 (Aug)
Stan Lee - Now Officially an Industry Figure (Jul)
Comic Collector Live (Jun)
Online Spider-Man Flash Game (Jun)
"Loners" Reviewer Wanted (Jun)
Tour New York's Spider-Man Movie Sites! (Jun)
FATHEAD® Brings Spider-Man to Walls (Jun)
Spider-Man Fan Interviewees Wanted! (May)
Spider-Man in NYC and Tobey on TV! (May)
Spider-Man Appearances (May)
Spider-Man 3: Big Movie (Apr)
Spider-Man 3 UK Premier Streaming Live! (Apr)
Stamp Out Spider-Man! (Apr)
Spider-Man Week in New York (Apr)
Spider-Man 3 Trailer (Mar)
From Beyond the Grave... CD Re-Released! (Feb)
Spider-Man's Triumphant Return! (Jan)
Spider-Man reprints return to the Newspaper! (Jan)

Archive (2006)

Here are the News items for previous year 2006.

Spider-Man 3 in Cleveland (Dec)
Back in Black (Dec)
New Spider-Man 3 Trailer available! (Nov)
The Amazing Spider-Blog (Oct)
Spider-Fan Mentioned in Dispatches (Oct)
Spider-Man in "Super-Hero Blues" (Online Fan Film) (Sep)
Spider-Man Appears in X-Men Movie (Sep)
Wolverine Kicks the Habit (Sep)
Amazing Spider-Man - Newspaper Release (Aug)
OfficeMax Superstores: Special Edition Marvel Comic (Jul)
Spider-Girl Lives Again (Jul)
Be The Official SDCC Blogger! (Jul)
Spider-Man 3 Teaser Trailer (Jun)
NZ Comics Creator wins University Fellowship (Jun)
The greatest Civil War Tie-in Ever! (Jun)
3 Dev Adam DVD Shipping Now (Jun)
Marvel Deluxe Pewter Chess Set (May)
The Electric Company TV Shows on DVD (Apr)
Dev 3 Adam Movie Released on DVD (Apr)
Spider-Man 3 Seeks Movie Extras (Apr)
Great News: Farewell to Peter Parker's Pad (Apr)
Spider-Man: Crisis on Campus! (Apr)
Spidey's On-Line Amazing Adventure (Mar)
Teshkeel releases first Marvel Arabic Title (Mar)
Spider-Man Robs Comic Book Store (Feb)
The Talented Captain Stacy (Feb)

Archive (2005)

Here are the News items for previous year 2005.

French Climber Foiled at Houston Skyscraper (Nov)
Paul Jenkins - Masculinity Proven! (Nov)
Spider-Man 3 Sandman Photo (Nov)
Spider-Man/Black Cat #4 Sighting (Nov)
Movie: Venom and Sandman (Oct)
New Guest Apps Checklist Added! (Sep)
Two Great New Websites! (Sep)
Search Page Repaired! (Sep)
Black Cat/Spider-Man... Finished??? (Jul)
Spider-Man 3 Villain Revealed (Jul)
Interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido (Jun)
Anticipating Spider-Man 3 (May)
Tom DeFalco I/View at Newsarama (Apr)
Comics Book Curriculum at NYU (Mar)
Spider-Plant-Man (Mar)
Middle East gets first superheroes (Mar)
Fiona Avery Interview Link (Feb)
Arana #4 Making Of (Feb)
New Marvel Books From Four Publishers (Feb)
Spider-Man: Breakout (Jan)
New MK:Spider-Man Writer (Jan)
Farewell to Will Eisner (Jan)

Archive (2004)

Here are the News items for previous year 2004.

Bullpen Bits & G-Man (Dec)
Spidey Title Changes (Dec)
Hell Freezes Over (Dec)
The Evil that Men Might Do? (Dec)
Interview With Jon Haward (Nov)
Marvel Age Creator Interviews (Oct)
Before Spider-Ham... (Oct)
Joe Quesada Interview (Oct)
Amazing Debate (Oct)
Not Satisfied With ASM #512? (Oct)
Street Hopping Spidey Style (Oct)
Cameos Revealed in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6 (Oct)
X-Assault No More (Aug)
Amazing Denver Post (Aug)
New Classic Villain Action Figures Coming from ToyBiz (Aug)
Spiderfan Supports Mark Millar (Aug)
Turkish Spidey a Bad Boy (Aug)
500 Covers (Aug)
Encyclopedia Errata Addition (Aug)
1990's Spider-Man Cartoon DVD Petition (Aug)
Spider-Man Fan Film (Jun)
Spider-Man Review Crayons (Jun)
Spidey-Skin (Jun)
Spidey's Got it All... (Jun) Cartoons (Jun)
Spider-Man Lego Style! (Jun)
What Could've Been? (Jun)
Mike Deaodato Jr. Gives Insight (Jun)
More Spider-Girl to Come (Jun)
Spidey Reprints in Germany (Jun)
Mary Jane Dispatched (Jun)
SPOILER WARNING: A Blonde Returns? (May)
Todd DeZago Returns (May)
Full Issue of Amazing Spider-Man #509 Online (May)
Spider-Man Comes to India (May)
Spidey In Brazil! (May)
Fiona Avery Interview (Apr)
Check Out MJ... (Apr)
Spider-Man 67 TV Series Cover Art Revealed (Apr)
Spider-Girl Doing Business Her Own Way... (Apr)
Venom Cancelled? (Mar)
Spider-Man 2 Movie (Mar)
Paul Jenkins Interview (Mar)
New Spider-Man DVD (Mar)
Mike Deodato Jr. on Amazing Spider-Man (Mar)
Spider-Girl Gets a New Title? (Mar)
Mary-Jane Gets Her Own Comic (Mar)
Tom DeFalco Interviewed at The Pulse (Feb)
John Romita, Jr Off Amazing Spider-Man Art Duties (Feb)
The Science of Spider-Man (Feb)
Marvel Knights Spider-Man Preview (Feb)
PJ on Spectacular #14 (Feb)
Commercial Release of 1967 Spidey Cartoon on DVD (Feb)
A.C.T.O.R. Axed (Feb)
WARNING: Spidey Animated DVD a No-Zone! (Feb)
The Pulse Bi-Monthly (Jan)
Spider-Man 2 Movie Stills (Jan)
Swing Time (Jan)
Spidey on Penny Arcade (Jan)
Spider-Man Enters the Marvel Age (Jan)
Pat Oliffe Back on Spider-Girl... Sort Of (Jan)
Spider-Man 2 Set (Jan)
Spider-Man Deluxe DVD Coming (Jan)
Spider-Man 2 Release Dates (Jan)
Cartoon Fansite (Jan)
Spider-Girl Extended to #81 (Jan)

Archive (2003)

Here are the News items for previous year 2003.

DF Premieres Bust For Charity! (Nov)
Comics Buyer's Guide Review (Nov)
Spider-Man 2 Comic Book Adaption Writer (Nov)
Interview JR, Jr (Nov)
Clones... (Nov)
The Real Shathra (Nov)
Doc Ock Fansite (Nov)
Black Cat News... (Nov)
Spider-Man Animated... (Nov)
Another Spider-Girl Campaign (Nov)
Paul Jenkins at SMB (Nov)
Spider-Man in 12 Days of Christmas Parade (Nov)
Spider-Man Downloads (Nov)
Spider-Man 2 Trailer (Nov)
Mike Deodato Jr. Stops By the SMB (Oct)
Spider-Man Animated Boxset (Oct)
Paul Jenkins in Wizard (Oct)
New Spider-Man 2 Poster (Oct)
There is No Trouble? (Oct)
Amazing Spider-Man 500 Inaccuracies? (Oct)
Ultimate Villains Thread (Oct)
The Unabridged Spider-Man Appendix (Oct)
Kingpin Cancelled (Oct)
Spider-Man Holds London Hostage (Oct)
New Ongoing Spider-Man Series (Oct)
Black Cat Birthday! (Oct)
More Gus Beezer and Spidey (Sep)
Spidey and Hulk Team-Up (Sep)
Ultimate Six Plus One More (Sep)
Spidey in Stereovision (Sep)
New Spider-Man Site (Sep)
The REAL Osborne Industries (Sep)
PAD to Write Spider-Man 2 Novelisation (Sep)
MTV Spidey Toon on DVD Jan 6 (Sep)
Hobgoblin Madness (Sep)
Life Of Reilly Back Online (Sep)
Ultimate Spidey, 100 or Bust! (Sep)
Spidey Guests In Savage Dragon? (Aug)
Ultimate Six Preview (Aug)
Doc Ock Is Taking Over (Aug)
More Spidey Encyclopedia Pics (Aug)
MTV on DVD? (Aug)
Texas Superhero & Sci-Fi Collectors Show (Jul)
Spectacular Interviews (Jul)
Spider-Man Animated Review Site (Jul)
Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock Pics (Jul)
Spider-Girl Is On Top (Jul)
New Doc Ock Mini-Series (Jul)
Alias Ends and Pulse Begins (Jul)
Bendis' Plans for Ultimate Spidey (Jul)
Spider-Man Encyclopedia Revealed! (Jul)
New Ultimate Spidey Mini (Jun)
Neil Gaiman's 1602 Revealed (Jun)
Peter Parker is in Trouble (Jun)
Spider-Man 60's Cartoon Screening in the UK (Jun)
Jenkins Off Spectacular, Not? (Jun)
New Spidey Title After Spectacular (Jun)
Spider-Man Animated Air Dates (Jun)
Spider-Wasps DO Exist (Jun)
Amazing Spider-Man Goes 500 (Jun)
Spider-Man Golf Buggy (May)
Spider-Man: The Movie: The Mistakes (May)
Mary Jane Hardcover (May)
Bendis Interview (May)
Super Hero Costumes (May)
John Romita Interview (May)
Insecticide (May)
Zimmerman Makes A Funny! (May)
Kustom Kraven (May)
Spidey Gets Older (May)
Spider-Man Animated Exclusive! (May)
The Future of the Spider Titles (Apr)
Mark Bagley Interview (Apr)
The Death Of Spider-Man (Apr)
Tom DeFalco Interview (Apr)
Spider-Girl Lives! (Apr)
Marvel Sues Sony (Mar)
Fiona Avery to Write Amazing Spider-Man (Mar)
Jenkins to Bring Back Hobgoblin and Venom (Mar)
Venom #1 DotComic (Mar)
Tangled Web Cancelled (Mar)
Toys and Merchandise (Mar)
Spider-Girl Cancelled, Again (Mar)
Spider-Man Sequel Casting Info. (Mar)
Jenkins to Bring Back the Hobgoblin? (Feb)
SPOILER: Is Mary Jane Back? (Feb)
Bendis Interviews (Feb)
Where's the Black Cat? (Feb)
Venom Returns (Feb)
Hard-Cover Happiness (Jan)
Spider-Man: The Movie Homage (Jan)
"Life of Reilly" Becomes "The Death of Spider-Man" (Jan)
Amazing Spider-Man #50 (Jan)
Marvel Raises Prices (Jan)
Kevin Smith Off Amazing Spider-Man (Jan)
Spider-Girl Changes (Jan)
Tangled Web Cancelled? (Jan)

Archive (2002)

Here are the News items for previous year 2002.

Life of Reilly to Return? (Nov)
The Future of Spidey's Monthly Titles (Nov)
Spider-Man Fan Art (Nov)
Green Goblin Sculpture On The Way (Nov)
Spidey Merchandise from Dynamic Forces (Nov)
Stan Sues Marvel! (Nov)
Spider-Man DVD Clips (Oct)
Spider-Kid: The Movie (Oct)
Sex, Lies, and Superheroes (Oct)
3D Spider-Man Screensaver (Oct)
Peter Parker: Spider-Man Cancellation Details (Oct)
Spider-Man: The Movie: The DVD (Oct)
Millenial Appendix (Sep)
New Spider-Man Manga Series Details (Sep)
JMS Wins Eisner Award (Sep)
Naked Spidey! (Sep)
Up-Sized SpiderFan (Sep)
Michael Chabon - Spider-Man 2 Scripter (Sep)
More Details on Spider-Man: The Movie DVD (Sep)
Links Update (Aug)
Internet Movie Awards (Aug)
Quake 3 Total Conversion (Aug)
Spider-man: The Movie On DVD and VHS (Aug)
Life of Reilly Ends (Aug)
More Spider-man: The Manga (Aug)
Spider-Man Title Changes Becoming Clearer (Aug)
Kraven Cameo (Jul)
J.M. DeMatteis Interview (Jul)
Is Spidey's Punch Too Much? (Jul)
Will the Real Spider-Man Please Stand Up? (Jul)
No Spidey Deskplayer (Jun)
"Spider-Man Live!" (Jun)
Spoofing Spidey (Jun)
Spidey Covers Time Magazine (Jun)
Another Spider-Man Special (Jun)
Free Comic Book Day Magazine (May)
Interviews Abound! (May)
Product Placement (May)
Creative Shuffle (May)
Spider-man 2 (May)
Spidey Breaks Box Office (May)
Extra Spider-man Issues (Apr)
New Spider-man Movie Trailer (Apr)
Spidey Special Update (Apr)
Spider-man Movie Soundtrack (Apr)
Spider-man Movie Sequel (Apr)
State of the Spidey-verse (Mar)
John Buscema Remembered (Mar) + Playstation Magazine = Huge Spider-Man PS2 Game Feature! (Mar)
Spider-Man Trailer at the Superbowl (Mar)
The Spider-Girl Cancellation Debacle (Mar)
Ultimate Team-Up Cancelled (Mar)
Spidey Wall Murals (Feb)
Spidey on the Web (Feb)
John Buscema Passes On (Feb)
Spider-Man Movie Tie-ins Continued (Feb)
Jim Shooter Returns (Jan)
Movie Tie-ins Abound! (Jan)
Spider-Man Movie Trailer (Jan)

Archive (2001)

Here are the News items for previous year 2001.

Stunt Show? (Oct)
Manga, Round 2 (Oct)
JMS Fan Club (Oct)
Black is Back (Oct)
Big Apple Con (Sep)
Game Summary (Aug)
Tobey Maguire Signs Off (Aug)
Lawyers Are Fans Too, Aren't They? (Jul)
Rumours of Divorce Greatly Exaggerated (Jul)
Movie Trailer (Spoilers) (Jul)
Hosting Hiccups (Jun)
Games, Games, Games (Jun)
Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide (Jun)
Entertainment, Weakly (Jun)
Baby Boom (May)
Alonso Bags Bagge, Bagge Bags Lee (May)
Spider-Old-Man! (May)
Chatting With J.Q. (May)
Dot.Comic Crashes (Apr)
Busy Bendis (Apr)
Ultimate Pricing Continues (Mar)
Reilly Rules at CBG (Mar)
Briefs (Mar)
Uncle Ben, Nasty Rumours (Mar)
Spider-Girl, Her Final Battle (Mar)
Official Sony Movie Site Launched (Mar)
New Title - "Tangled Web" (Mar)
Comic Wars (Feb)
Ultimate Comic - Ultimate Price (Jan)

Archive (2000)

Here are the News items for previous year 2000.

Spider-Man Unlimited Returns to Fox (U.S.) (Oct)
Spider-Man on Nintendo 64 (Oct)
"The Green Goblin's Last Stand (Video)" (Sep)
Fighting Words (Sep)
Axel Alonso, Three Titles (Sep)
Comics Continuum Mis-Quotes Jenkins (Sep)
Sci-Fi-Dimensions Has Bendis & Lee Interviews (Aug)
Straczynski Starts With #30 (Aug)
Spider-Man Unlimited Goes Global (Jul)
Straczynski Starts Soon! (Jul)
Spider-Man for Playstation Released (Jun)
Joe Quesada is Editor in Chief (Jun)
Spider-Man Chosen (May)
Playstation Release Date (May)
Spider-Man by Activision (Apr)
Artistic Arrangements (Mar)

Archive (1997)

Here are the News items for previous year 1997.

Movies and Videos (Aug)

Archive (1996)

Here are the News items for previous year 1996.

Interview with Roger Stern (Oct)