News : 2003 : Paul Jenkins in Wizard

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Date: Oct 10, 2003
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In this month's Wizard Magazine there's an interview with Spectacular Spidey writer Paul Jenkins over "Wolverine: The End." He did answer one question about the direction of Spidey though.

"Your also saying a lot about villians in Spectacular Spider-Man. After Venom what other baddies can we expect?"

"Oh, we've got some good ones! The next arc [starting with November's issue #6] will be Dr. Octopus, and after that we've got the Lizard. Following that, I have got plans for Carnage, Electro, Hobgoblin, and Vulture. And then I have a few that will have people scratching their heads. Understand, I'm not a comic book historian, so I'm finding a lot of villains and going, "Oh my God, that's awesome! [Laughs] There's Mindworm and Hypno-Hustler, and my new favorite called Big Wheel, who's this guy in the middle of a big wheel that runs around crushing people! [Laughs]What a great, freaking hillarious idea!"