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This section is for stuff that was offered by fast food outlets. All kinds of toys and promotional goodies are included. There are also various fast food comics from Pizza Hut and KFC over in our Comics Section.

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7-Eleven (Series 2, Marvel Plastic Cups)

7-Eleven (Series 3, Marvel Drinking Glasses)

Burger King Spider-Man 3

Carls, Jr. Spider-Man #1 Toys

Hardee's Marvel story cups (1990)

Hardees (Marvel Super-Heroes Vehicles)

Hungry Jack (Australian)

KFC Heroes

McDonald's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie

McDonald's Marvel Super Heroes

McDonald's Marvel Super Heroes II

McDonald's Spider-Man Toys

Subway Spider-Man

White Castle Marvel Buckets

For your convenience, the Fast Food database is also cross-referenced in two other ways.

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A check-box listing for you to print-out and track your own complete Spider-Man Fast Food collection. Also available in Microsoft Excel Format. A listing for each person that ever worked on a Spider-Man Fast Food item.