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Hey, we'd love it if you sent us a quiz. Most of the existing quizzes are specified to individual characters, but you can be more flexible if you want. The most important thing is to write your quiz in the correct format for the site. Just use our nifty Quiz Template.

If you do wish to offer submissions to this section, simply use the online mail form to contact Jonathan Couper. If you need to send an attachment, just send them a quick message introducing yourself, and they will reply with a regular email address.

Here are the Fans : Quizzes items for the current year (2009).

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Quiz on Venom (Apr)
Symbiote Quiz (Apr)
Quick Quiz on The Spider-Mobile (Apr)
Spider-Man: Great Escapes (Apr)
Spider-Man: The Basics (Apr)
Spider-Man: Easy Questions (Apr)
Amazing Spider-Man #1-6 (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Solo (Apr)
Quiz on Scorpion (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Punisher (Apr)
Quick Quiz on The Prowler (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Dr Octopus (Apr)
Quiz on Ned Leeds (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Mysterio (Apr)
Ms. Watson, This is Your Life. (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Man-Wolf (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Lizard (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Kingpin (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Kaine (Apr)
Quick Quiz on John Jameson (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Jackal (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Hypno-Hustler (Apr)
Quiz on Gwen Stacy Clone (Apr)
Quiz on Gwen Stacy (Apr)
Quiz on Carnage (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Blaze (Apr)
Quick Quiz on Black Cat (Apr)
Quiz on Betty Brant Leeds (Apr)