Comics : Web of Spider-Man #96

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This story is part of an Arc: "Spirits Of Venom"
     Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

This story is part of a Lookback Series: World Wide Web of Spidey

This review was first published on: 2005.

In Detail...

"Enemies: A Hate Story"
Web of Spider-Man #96
Jan 1993 : SM Title
Summary: Ghost Rider, Venom
Arc: Part 3 of "Spirits Of Venom"
Editor:  Danny Fingeroth
Writer:  Howard Mackie
Pencils:  Alex Saviuk
Inker:  Dan Panosian, Josef Rubinstein
Cover Art:  Mark Texeira
Staff Only
 Reprinted In: Spirits Of Venom (TPB)
Articles: Doppelganger, Hobgoblin IV (Macendale), Venom

Spidey is still trying to protect the priest but is surrounded by Deathspawn. Elsewhere, Venom is fighting the spider-demon and Demogoblin is battling Macendale. Spidey stumbles across Ghost Rider and Blaze fighting the Deathspwan, so joins in, before heading off to help Macendale. Venom attacks Spidey, the Deathspawn drag Demogoblin and his doppelganger under into the sewer's water, then Ghost Rider saves Spidey from Venom.

In General...

Three parts down, one to go! Be strong, Kerry. Be strong!

Overall Rating...

Must... fight... gag reflex! Half... web.