Comics : Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #259

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This story is part of an Arc: "Goblins At The Gate"
     Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

This review was first published on: 2004.


The long-awaited grudge match between Norman Osborn (a.k.a. the original Green Goblin) and Roderick Kingsley (the original Hobgoblin) is finally here in a three-issue no-holds-barred fracas. And guess what spandex-clad superhero manages to get caught smack in the middle?

In Detail...

"Survivor of the Big Lie"
Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #259
Jul 1998 : SM Title
Arc: Part 1 of "Goblins At The Gate"
Editor:  Ralph Macchio
Co-Plot:  Roger Stern
Writer:  Glenn Greenberg
Pencils:  Luke Ross
Inker:  Al Milgrom
Cover Art:  John Romita, Sr.
Staff Only
Articles: Watson, Anna (BTS), Betty Brant, Flash Thompson, Green Goblin I (Norman Osborn), Hobgoblin I (Kingsley), Jameson, J. Jonah, Mary Jane Watson-Parker

It seems that just about everyone loves Norman Osborn these days. His "autobiography" is the country's number-one bestseller, he's on "The Reggie and Katie Mae Show," and the public likes him more than our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Being the warm-hearted psychopath we all know and love, he rewards his Daily Bugle staff with across the board raises while taking the opportunity to twist the knife he's stuck in Ben Urich, JJJ, and, of course, Peter. Jonah in particular has just about had it with Norman; we next see him in his office brooding about the last few months, vowing to "do something about it," while taking a handgun out of his desk drawer.

Things aren't all roses for Norman, however. It seems that Roderick Kingsley has also seen his talk-show debut and is a little miffed about the press Norm's been getting. Calling in his lawyer, he says that he still has one of Osborn's journals, which supposedly contains proof that Norman is the Green Goblin. He's willing to turn it over to the D.A. for an immediate release. Kingsley's lawyer tells Roderick to keep quiet, then calls his office on a cell phone regardless of who might be listening in.... (and would that be Clarence Fielding on page nine? He's moved up in the world since "Spiderhunt.")

As it turns out, Osborn isn't the only one with sources. After pulling Peter away from a romantic evening with MJ (no wonder he's a bit grumpy!) Betty Brant drives him over to Great Neck Correctional Facility where Hobby's being held, being tipped off by a prison guard she met during "Hobgoblin Lives." While watching Kingsley as he's escorted to the car, Peter senses trouble and ditches Betty to put on the red-and-blues. And with good reason, for with a hail of pumpkin bombs the Green Goblin comes flying in to snatch Kingsley. Spidey, although reluctantly, dives into the fray and gives the Goblin a solid punch to the stomach. He quickly recovers and zaps Spidey, who grabs onto the Goblin glider until Kingsley kicks him off. Freed of the do-gooder, the Goblin flies off to a remote location with Kingsley, who receives quite a shock when he realizes that Norman Osborn is there to meet them. "I see," Kingsley says. "You're good. You're real good."

In General...

Well, with both the original Green Goblin and the original Hobgoblin back from the dead, I suppose it was only a matter of time before they went at it.

Overall Rating...

This is a pretty good page-turner. Four webs for now.