Comics : Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #25

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This story is part of an Arc: "Spider-Hunt"
     Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

This review was first published on: 2004.


Well, we all know that Norman Osborn, the original illustrious Green Goblin is back, and that he's bought a controlling portion of the Daily Bugle by threatening J. Jonah Jameson's family, and that Peter was recently provoked into attacking Osborn, who has used that action to turn the world against Spider-Man. We also know that Osborn had the Trapster asphyxiate a street punk named Joey Z by using a paste resembling Spider-Man's webbing, and has offered a $5 million reward on Spider-Man's head - basically he's using all of his resources (including his family) to make life miserable for Spider-Man. We know that Osborn's influence on the Bugle has driven Robbie Robertson to quit working at the Bugle, and that Flash Thompson has recently been coming to grips with his own alcoholism. We also know that Frank Castle - the Punisher - lost his memory, and is wandering around New York searching for his identity. And, of course we know that a mysterious South American crime lord named the Black Tarantula has come to NYC, looking to take his share of the New York crime scene.

We knew that, right?

In Detail...

"Into The Dance!"
Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #25
Mar 1998 : SM Title
Summary: Override, Aura
Arc: Part 1 of "Spider-Hunt"
Editor:  Ralph Macchio
Writer:  Todd DeZago
Pencils:  Joe Bennett
Inker:  Al Milgrom, Dan Green
Cover Art:  John Romita, Jr., Mike Wieringo
Staff Only
Articles: Aura & Override, Betty Brant, Doctor Angst, Flash Thompson, Green Goblin I (Norman Osborn), Jameson, J. Jonah, Elizabeth (Allan) Osborn, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Prowler, Robertson, Joe "Robbie"

The first thing I noticed about this issue was that Mike Wieringo did not do the pencilling. That job fell to the more capable hands of Joe Bennett - a frequent penciller of Amazing, for the uninitiated.

For the most part, this issue offers typical fare of what we've been seeing in the Spider-books for the last little while, and what we find in the rest of the books. A lot of punks are taking shots at Spider-Man to try to cash in on the $5 million. Specifically, Override and Aura offer their services to Osborn, and Aura is nearly killed by another hitman. Besides that, Liz Osborn's son, Norman II, is kidnapped by a mysterious figure dressed as the Green Goblin, and Osborn hires Flash Thompson as a personal assistant.

In General...

The art is a shot above typical Sensational material, but it's definately not Bennett's best work. However the writing itself is higher than average for Todd DeZago.

Overall Rating...

Good story, but not much more. Three webs.